Google Serious Pain in my Butt!!!!

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My website has been around for 3-4 months. It took a
while to show up on google, but it was showing up in the cache. Now all of a
sudden it is gone? Why?? Does anyone know??

Re: Google Serious Pain in my Butt!!!!

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took a

As Will had explained earlier you do not have any inbound links to your
site. Now, you do you have some from Search Guild which is a copy of this
NG. But, it is important to have links from other sites going to yours.

Have you tried submitting to free directories like DMOZ, Joe Ant, hotel
directories, etc? This could help your situation and also maybe some other
links from other type hotel rentals, travel sites, etc.

The reason you do not have a snippet is because Google knows you site exists
and hasn't actually really did a good crawl yet on your site. Give it some
time, also your site needs some links to really keep you listed.



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Re: Google Serious Pain in my Butt!!!!

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took a

If you want to kick off a reciprocal linking campaign then I would be
willing to exchange with your site. One of my sites is
travel related so if you send me your link details (title and description) I
can put up a link for you. A benefit of having a themed links page like this
is that you get another page of travel related content which, when indexed,
will help to draw the correct sort of visitor to your site. Although you can
exchange links with any site in my opinion stick to linking with similarly
themed sites to your own.

A couple of other points:

1. I didn't see any option to turn off the music on your site. Although this
seems like a good idea I'm sure it may put some people off and if they can't
click to turn it off they may go elsewhere.

2. Have a look at external css for styling your site. Your content is
somewhat overwhelmed by your inline styling at the moment.

Hope you don't mind the above, just my opinion anyway so take it or leave

If you want to exchange links then take out THEDOG to email me.


Re: Google Serious Pain in my Butt!!!!

You also might want to add a "Link to Us" section on your site that
will make it easy for someone that likes your site to cut and paste a
link to their site.

Good Luck!

Kim Lauren
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