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Hi...I've been using the Google feature "searchterm" that
tells me about the pages on containing "searchterm".
I have no problem for sites having their own domain name. There is a
category of site that I don't recall the correct label for where this kind
of search doesn't work and for lack of the proper title will call them sub
domains.  Google will only search the host domain name and won't
acknowledge the subdomain portion.  So, say I'm interested in finding out
how many pages of the site " have
the search phrase "bald goats".  Entering in Google; "bald goats" just results in a site not
found return. Shortening my search to "bald goats does
work only it tells me about all the sites listed under using my
search term "bald goats" which turns out to be one and that site I already
know about i.e. Google just stops at the domain type com, org, net, etc.
How can I search these sites that are part of a larger server site or
community and don't have their own domain name with the site:url feature?
Any search guidance or perhaps a direct answer will be appreciated.
Regards,  Nick  
(take out the trash first!)

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