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I use a google search engine on my web site that has been on the page
for a long time - before google came out with the sitemap.  How can I
get the search to update the pages.  I use a sitemap but this does
nothing for the search engine on my site.

I would like to continue using the search but without current
information it is useless.

Re: Google Search Engine

The Google search engine only works on pages indexed by Google and that
is part of the problems that they are fixing below:

1) The site: operator has been broken several times.
2) Sites are losing their pages and getting them back 24 hours later
due to testing. Google stated that the problem did not exist, but in
April and May said that it was fixed.
3) Graywolf reported that Google was showing content from the wrong
domain name on a shared server. Matt Cutts said this was due to a
misconfigured, old webserver and that they are working on repairing
this bug.
4) Then there is the rumor of Google's machines being full that Google

My advice is to let it ride and DO NOT fret about or make any major
changes to your web site until this is all sorted out.

Google has been made aware of the recent problems and are working on

Why don't you try for your search engine. It is the
one that I use and it works great!

Michael Rock

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