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Here is my question.  My site is

Google is making a big issue about Page Rank and that is links to your
page.  When I do a search for links back to me.  I use the counter at  I get one link.  I do not even get all my other
pages on my site.  Does the fact that I use .shtml have anything to do
with that?  Should I see the other links back to my site.  I submitted
them over a year ago via webposition gold and have resubmitted on a
regular basis.

One of my links back. has a PR of  5/10.  That
does not show Up.

This site has been up for years.  Let me say, I am not a slacker, I am
willing to do what I need to get back up after December.  Boy did I
take a hit.

Why do I not see other links.  ie myboatclub

Why do I not see my other pages?


Re: Google regarding links back to me

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Hi Billie,

First off, the LinksToYou counter is far from accurate.

For Google, use link: (Google shows none.  Then I
would try Bruce Clays free tool at .
His tools is pretty accurate and he has other free tools there as well.

If you take a look there you will see that you or someone close to you did a
major mistake and used LinksToYou to get IBL.  Google has negated all of
their sites, leaving you with very little in the way of legitimate links (as
far as Google is concerned).

Of your "legitimate links" this one has a Page Rank of 2/10, too low to show
in Google but counted anyway and the
page is down, so Google will probably negate this link soon.

This other "legitimate" link to this URL shows a
Page Rank of 0/10, so it is of no value to you at all. has a page rank of 4/10 which will
help you but it is on a page named "links.htm".  I am finding more and more
instances where Google is not counting links from pages named "Links.XXX"
anymore.  Perhaps an all out ban or just a filter tweak of some sort but I
have also noticed that most of the people that I exchange links with, who
have P/R 7/10 or better, will not exchange if you links page is named links.

this page, has a TON of links on it and I
think (although I have no proof) that Google is not counting link pages
where there are more than a certain number of links per page...I think it is
pretty low but I do not know right offhand.  I never put more than 10 links
FROM a page.

This should give you a start,

1.) Get in-bound links from pages that have at least a 4/10 Google page rank
or more and are not Link Farms.

2.) If you have a links.htm page, change it to something else that does not
contain the work "links" in it.

Unfortunately, you will have little recourse over the LinksToYou stuff
linking to your website.  I would contact each one of those page owners and
ask to be removed as quickly as possible.

Best of luck.,

James Taylor search engine optimization, web development and
high speed web hosting free search engine optimization tools and
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