[Google Ranking] I don't get this?

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If I go to Google's swiss ranking at http://www.google.ch (first select
language German then select "Seiten aus der Schweiz" (=Pages from
Switzerland) top right) and I search for "Garage" I get the following
page in 3rd position:


I find this very surprising because in german the word "Garage" means
exactly the same as it does in english meaning that this page is
competing with all the Garage websites from the german speaking part of
Switzerland (that's quite a few thousand websites).

Yet this page doesn't have Garage in it's title and only shows the word
Garage in one place (not even at the top of the page).

So my question is "how is this possible"? What is Google doing?

Thanks for any help in understanding this.

Re: [Google Ranking] I don't get this?

christian9997@hotmail.com Wrote:
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In the old days search engines would use the words in the page as you
But along came Google and they came up with a new way of doing things,
they use links from other pages and the words surrounding the link.

So for example you can do a search for "miserable failure" on google
you will find that the www.whitehouse.gov comes first, (trust me the
word "miserable failure" does not appear on that site).

The same happens with "Garage" if many Swiss German pages link to a
page using the word "garage" then google will assume that it is a good
page for that term.


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Re: I don't get this?

FFMG wrote:
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Ah ok but doesn't the actual content of the page matter at all on
I thought it was a combination of both (links to the page + the page's

At the moment I am rewriting the titles for the pages of my website so
that they are all different and contain a lot of keywords. Am I wasting
my time?

I also created a lot of links to my website with just the name of my
website as the link, was that a waste of time?

Re: I don't get this?

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website as the link, was that a waste of time?

I'm beginning to believe it may actually be harmful.

It may depend on where those links actually come from.  I've been
trying to put myself in place of Google's coders - how would I tackle
the problem?

Now - I've only spent a few minutes on it - but how would you try and
programmatically detect purchased or exchanged links?

Hypothesis - once a page contains more than n links, where n is a
number something like 100, it is passed to a special lump of code for
processing.  It could be queued to a special process - there's no need
for this to be in-line.  The special code looks at the links - are they
embedded in text such that the sentence devoid of links is passed as a
valid sentence by, e.g., the Oxford model?  What's the link/text ratio?
 Does a DMOZ/Yahoo lookup yield broadly similar classifications?  Does
the page have up/down links that point to pages of other links in a
lower/higher collating sequence?

It really isn't that hard to devise a set of tests to spot non-organic
links.  And given the amount of dosh at state (check out Google's
market cap.) it's easy to justify developing such an engine.  A side
benefit for Google - banning sites saves crawling resources.

Re: I don't get this?

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Poppycock!! I have loads of links that lead to my site with "Stacey's Simple
Stuff". That is the name of my site and domain, of course it is the most
obvious to use as a title for a link. I also have just banner links without
any anchor text. A link is a link it may not be as good as having Rag Rugs
as the linking anchor but it still counts as something.

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Re: I don't get this?

christian9997@hotmail.com wrote:
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Yes but the weight of inbound links and anchor text matters a lot. This
means that a page with lots of IBL especially the keyphrase in the
anchor text will be displayed high in rankings especially where the
competition is weak.

Analyzing your example (the link came up no.2 when I tried):

2,120,000 pages total. That seems quite competitive for a Swiss site -
to give us an idea "http" returns 75 million results where as on
Google.com it returns 6 billion.

The page you mentioned has a breadcrumb trail with the word "Parkplatz,
Garage" in the trail. Following the trail takes you to a parent page
with the words  "Parkplatz, Garage [ 2'601 ]" in the link text. The
Toolbar pagerank of this page is 3 but that of the site homepage is 6
but this may be out of date. The site has around 6,000 IBLs in total.
The competition is a rag bag of 2,3,4s.

inanchor:garage shows the page 13 out of 116,000 pages so the
competition has better anchor text, but not by much. Interestingly
http://www.garage-michel.ch/ which was top for this search had no TITLE
element at all but with a URL like that most links will feature garage
in the anchor. They also scored well for "michel" :-).

intitle:garage gives 216,000 results - quite a bit of competition for
Garage as part of the Title meta tag. Obviously our page doesn't show up
here because it is not well optimized - the webmaster has the same text:
homegate.ch - Das Immobilienportal on every page. Doh! The page itself
could do with optimizing, rewriting the URL to include "Garage" would
help for a start and adding it to the title and heading.

I notice they are clients of this firm:-


so have obviously heard of search engines!

What does this tell me? Probably that very few Swiss pages have just
"garage" in the anchor text pointing to the page so a few IBLs to my .ch
site from PR4 sites with this anchor text and a well optimized page
would get me into the top ten. Assuming I was competing for this term.

The page is a search form for garage's to rent in Switzerland so I don't
  see that a SERP of 2 is wrong of Google. Google will of course be
applying other factors to the ranking process.

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Re: I don't get this?

davidof wrote:
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Just to follow up on my own post and something I suspected was happening
here. One of the alleged features of the Jagger update was the promotion
of pages in results where the site was "trusted" - that is the home page
has a high page rank so subordinate pages are pushed futher up the
rankings than their PageRank would seem to merit.

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Re: [Google Ranking] I don't get this?

On 3 Jan 2006 07:40:30 -0800, christian9997@hotmail.com wrote:

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It will have garage in the anchor text of inbound links.

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