Google Question: duplicate pages

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On some hosting companies  index.html  is the main page and others

I usally just work on index.html and have a batch file copy it

My ques is having the two files being the sqme and on the server hurt
the google ranking and by how much?


Re: Google Question: duplicate pages

In article says...
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It sounds like you are saying that you make both an
index.html and a default.htm?

My understanding is that the point of that page is that
if someone goes to:

The server will actually send: /

Note the trailing slash.  So now the server is looking
in your top directory for the default page.  Depending
on the server configuration, that default page might be
named "index.html" or "index.shtml" or "index.php" or
"default.html" etc, or even some completely different
type of name.

So the server might then send the file: the visitor's Web browser.

All you really need is to know what the name of the
default file should be, and then just use that name for
your main page (I.e. the one that will show up when the
visitor just types in or links to the domain.)

There isn't any reason to have any duplicates.

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