Google punishes DMOZ!

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Google updated link counts last night.

Two of my sites did very well, most were unaffected, and two of
my sites were hurt pretty badly.

The two sites which were hurt badly were hurt because their DMOZ links are
no longer being weighted heavily into the PR calculation, or are being
ignored altogether.

Checking manually, I see the PR5 link at DMOZ for one of the punished
sites is *not* being counted in the link count. The "rules" as I
understood them stated that any links PR4 or above count -- well
apparently not!  After losing it's DMOZ link, that site fell to PR3 and
therefore also lost all of it's internal links.  It's link count is now

The other punished site fell from 10 links to 4 links because it fell
to PR3.  It's PR7 link at DMOZ is being counted, as well as PR6 and PR4
links from two mirrors of the DMOZ directory.  However, these links are no
longer weighted heavily enough to support the PR5 which this site enjoyed,
and it fell to PR3.

It should be noted that these two websites which fell are fairly awful.
They both did well only because of their DMOZ listings.  Google is to be
applauded for punishing these websites -- they really are PR3 sites.

My good sites with hundreds of links and hundred of pages of content...
well, they still can't get DMOZ listings.  But maybe now a DMOZ lisitng
isn't as important as it used to be?


Re: Google punishes DMOZ!

Voyager wrote:
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To be honest I've never understood Google backwards links.  I've got
loads of links to my site from pages that Google knows about but are not
shown when you do a search on backwards links from the google toolbar.

Re: Google punishes DMOZ!

David Off:
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If I were Google, I would use 'backward links' to lead SEO's astray, since
normal users never use it anyway.

René Pijlman

Wat wil jij leren?

Re: Google punishes DMOZ!

On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 23:10:27 +0100, David Off wrote:

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What is the Page Rank of the pages which link to your site?

If they are below PR4, Google will not show them as links.


Re: Google punishes DMOZ!

On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 23:10:27 +0100, David Off

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They only show backlinks in the list that themselves have a PR of 4 or
greater. All backlinks, no matter what PR, count toward your PR.

Re: Google punishes DMOZ!

On Thu, 01 Jan 2004 23:10:27 +0100, David Off

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It doesn't list them if they're under 4 pr.


Re: Google punishes DMOZ!

I have always heard that a Dmoz listing is very important. I have #1 for my
SERP at DMOZ. Doesn't Google use the ODP?
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Re: Google punishes DMOZ!

Google's getting set to dump DMOZ and set up a paid-for directory... just
follow the company buyout record over the last 9 months!

Yahoo will dump Google and use Inktomi for "free" listings...

Basically, online traders are in for a shafting during 04... the free ride
is over!!

Happy new year


Re: Google punishes DMOZ!

Backlinks check only shows some of the backlinks that Google knows
about. In addition many low ranking pages do not show, and newer links
which Google does not yet know about do not show.

As mathematical as everything is at Google I doubt that they want to
create their own directory. Many people would call them greedy and get
mad at them. The math is working ok, if they throw manual labor in
there then more complaints about bias will occur...


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