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I want to get a feel of other people experiences and perceptions of Google
PPC, before I report back to my disgruntled client......

I have done a handful of PPC campaigns. My latest campaign is really
becoming a struggle:

1. I type my keyword in hit search, the Ad does not appear. I
hit search again and *then* the Ad appears.

2. Google tech support people see different ads to me. i.e. We both search
for a keyword they see three Ads plus my Ad, I see the same three Ads but
*not* my Ad. I clear my IE cache, reboot, install Firefox, jump through
hoops, but the problem is still there.

3. Ads that do not appear and have never appeared have received impressions
and even clicks!!!

I have been pressing Google every day for over a week to give me answers and
I am still waiting for an explanation for all of the above. They have
vaguely *hinted* that they are changing things, so my question is, should I
wait, or should I jump ship and go over to the overcomplicated Overture UI?

Is there any info on the web that describes what, if any, transitions Google
is going through?

Cheers all,


Re: Google PPC observations and experiences

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Quoted text here. Click to load it

I think that ads appear based on the price you are paying, so if you are
paying less than the competion then your ads appear on the second or third
page.  Also, I have found that broad keywords in searches bring up a lot of
irrelavent ads.  Personally, I almost always use the MINIMUM bid anyway and
my ads still get enough clicks. I have also found that as a rough guess
20-30% of the clicks do not appear to be interested purchasers, but it is
impossible to tell. The bottom line is how many sales are generated for the
amount that you spend on your clicks. In my case the sales to cost ratio is
very high and that is all that matters. I have also found the adwords
generates more clicks than overture and more sales. Lastly, IMO the adword
interface is easier to use than overture.

Hope this helps.

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