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I have finally show up on google. But my ranjking is poor:( What do I do know? I
know that having url's to my site helps. I have contacted some of the local area
tourist boards to see if they will list me on the websites. What else can I do?

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Learn to be a little patient. In your prior posting about this
particular site you mentioned it was just roughly a month old.

You will not zoom up to the top of the PR thoughts or search results
always as quickly as you would like. Rushing it may have you do some
things that only create more work for you down the road or hinder the
site versus helping it.

It will also take time for the search engines to factor in that you
have started getting backlinks and from where ... and so on - then
update the content on their side to have you start smiling on your

Continue working on getting relevant and quality backlinks to your
site. A good inner linking of your own site's pages helps too as those
will eventually count as part of your backlinks.

Read some of the posts in here that may have some tips or advice,
shared with others - and read the differing opinions people share as
that is sometimes informative also [keep a grain of salt in hand, in
other words] then gradually implement ideas or tips that you may feel
is helpful to your site.

Ask questions but don't concentrate on PR as if you attain a PR5, a
PR4 or PR3 site may still land ahead of you in the results due to
other factors that they have going for their site's contents.

Don't concentrate solely on backlinks either as there are on page
thoughts that has to be considered also that search engines use as
part of the decision process of what site lands where in the results.

You will feel like you are going in circles as you do this then that
then this ... but when you start seeing the results then you may not
mind that circular feeling; and in time you will not feel like you are
going in circles as much too. :)


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