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A new site I have created is now appearing in Google but it has only indexed
the home page. I particularly wanted to have the List of Models page and the
links from that indexed.

Could anyone let me know why this might be? The site is

Dave Henson.

Re: Google only indexing home page



I think people will be willing to link to you, but I suggest you first
improve the page to make Google and other search engines listings
worthwhile.  It is better they index it after it has been made good, as the
search engines don't always come back to it for some time.

Under the heading "list of models" put in several sentences of good quality
content (text words in proper sentences) with a total of about 100 words.
Along the following lines suggested:

"Listed below are some die-cast model motor cars for sale.  Each diecast
model car is new and has been painted in fancy colours etc etc
A toy police car makes an ideal diecast model car present for both children
and adults at Xmas, Christmas or any other time.
The scale of each diecast model car is shown.  1:10 scale model cars are
almost twice the size of 1:18 scale model cars.  "

Word density.
Your page contains Exoto Auto Art Guiloy far too many times.  Replace most
of these by a small GIF images that show a picture of the text, but not in
ascii readable form.

Eventually make sure all the words on the page add up in the following
proportions.  i.e. model appears about 7 times. Exoto appears about 4 times.

7 model car
6 diecast
5 scale police new toy car
4 Exoto Auto Art Guiloy
3 cars uk sale

You can alter these ratios when you analyse what your potential customers
are looking for.

Be careful that the car manufactures names "Ferrari, Ford, Honda" etc do not
get too numerous.  You must have these name in there, but only up to say 3
times each. They must not dominate over any of "model car diecast scale new
toy cars"  The "Ferrari, Ford, Honda" names will be used by your customers
as adjuncts to the more important words. e.g. your customer might typing now
"toy scale model honda car for sale in uk"

Change your <title>
is <title>Diecast models product index</title>
to be <title>Diecast new model toy cars for sale - car scale models with

add in the head area:
<meta name="description" content="Diecast model toy cars by Exoto, Auto-Art
and Guiloy for sale from the Pace Models in the UK" >

add in the head area:
<meta name="keywords" content="model car diecast scale police new toy cars
uk Exoto Auto Art Guiloy die cast">

Change your <h1> header
is "list of models"
to be"Diecast new model toy cars for sale - listed with price"

I hope all this helps. When done, send me an email.

It will take months to get listed in the search engines.  You should be just
in time for Christmas.  If you have not done it yet, apply to get into dmoz.

I don't guarantee it, but you might get number 1 position in google for the
search phrase "toy scale model honda car for sale in uk" !  Good luck

Best Regards, Eric G8PHN

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Re: Google only indexing home page

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My theory is that the shape of the word frequency count distribution in the
page should roughly match the shape of the word frequency count distribution
of the aggregate of all your potential customer inputs to the search

My list above is just a starting guess. Dave can tweek the text in a few
months time if he uses the overture tool, analyses his log files and, most
important, thinks about what his potential customers are typing in.  They
may be using words he had not thought about, like Christmas, police, racing,
kent etc.  The words Exoto Auto Art Guiloy may be unimportant if most of his
customers are individuals. On the other hand, if he has big wholesale
customers these words might be important. The message is "adapt to what the
customer wants."

Best regards, Eric

Re: Google only indexing home page

Thanks Eric

I agree, that was a comprehensive answer. But there's still one outstanding
question, and that is why did Google only index the home page? There are
links to all of the other pages in there.

I've read about keyword spamming and , looking at my code, there is a dop
down menu whose values all go to the same page just with a different query
string, e.g.

<option value="search_result.cfm?searchtext=Ferrari">Ferrari</option>
<option value="search_result.cfm?searchtext=Ford">Ford</option>


Could this be causing a problem?


Re: Google only indexing home page

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re: /

I don't think your menu is the problem at all.

I did a new site and it took about a week for the index page to be included,
but several months before all 5 pages were included.  So patience is
required to see all the pages indexed.

But why are you in a hurry to get all pages listed?.  You need traffic - and
this can be achieved by one page with really good content - and a few links
from other good sites to that page.  Why not target the home page ?.  Apply
the gist of the advice earlier to the home page. Also, add "for sale" and an
ascii readable address "orpington kent", instead of a gif image.

To get customers coming to your site you need matching words to what they
are typing in and words in the right proportions.  Also it helps to have
high PR, but high PR is not the only rule to get near the top of the list.

To get an honest high first page position for "diecast models" you need a
high PR=5 (since the present #1 has PR=3, #2 has PR=5, #3 is dead, #4 is

Interestingly the present #1 position has achieved their position by
"spamming" the page with a decorative background comprising the words
"diecast models" repeated 70 times each.  They risk being swallowed by a New
Zealand snake and sent back to the start !

What has happened here is really quite interesting.  It shows that the
search result listing order is not based on PR alone but on PR times (or
plus in log terms) a factor derived from the degree of correlation of the
word matching.  The winning page in this case has a low PR=3 compared with
#2 page at PR=5,  but the low PR of the winning page becomes less relevent
when Google factors in an incredibly high word correlation.  If word
correlation were scaled like PR (on a ln scale) I would say its WC=9
its word count is as follows:

models 91 (30%)
diecast 89
othera 9
otherb 6

The above kind of shape is a superb (very very high word correlation WC=9)
match for "diecast models" and beats a normal honest page like that below

diecast 7
models 7
othera 4
otherb 4

This honest page above has very good, but much lower correlation.(say WC=5)

So two things to do.  Improve the content of the home page and check out all
your friends web sites and ask them to put in links pointed at your home
If you can get a link from a PR=6 page you will be doing really well since
this might get you up to PR=5 in one leap.

You have really nice looking site and people should be helpful, unless they
are your competitors.  You want to ask for text links like:
"Diecast new model toy cars for sale from Pace Models, Kent, UK"

Disclaimer:  Above may all be nonsense !!

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Google only indexing home page

Eric Johnston wrote:
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just for fun I entered "search engine spam" into the sites own search box -
returned 31 results, all irrelevant to the query of course, but fleetingly
satisfying to know that the query was logged.

William Tasso -

Re: Google only indexing home page

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Thanks again Eric for another comprehensive answer. I agree with what you're
saying about the home page. It's just that in the past on other sites, I've
optimised various pages for different key phrases. I was hoping that Google
might crawl down to the third level of the site where individual product
details can be found and where very specific key phrases such as 'Diecast
model car - Cobra Daytona Coupe' would, hopefully, put me at the top of the

Anyway, I am going to take your advice, be patient and work a bit more on
the home page as well as getting out there and grabbing some links.


Re: Google only indexing home page

What is the discussion surrounding how you put links on your home page? I
understand reciprical links on each others link pages.  This is probably a
newbie question.
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Re: Google only indexing home page

Quoted text here. Click to load it

but the link text is hidden from google because you've used images instead
of actual text.
google can't read text within an image.

I'd say scrap those navigation images and stick some css-styled text links
in instead.
those images make the site slow for dialup. They are very well optimised but
there's a lot of other images on that homepage, all competing for bandwidth.

Re: Google only indexing home page

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I've produced a lot of sites that use highly optimised images in the menu
and this hasn't caused a problem with Google. Besides, the <A HREF... link
is still there, which is presumably what Google looks for in the code.


Re: Google only indexing home page

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re: /

Google can follow your links even though they are gif images.

Text links are simple and if the text matches the keywords in the target
page this somehow help the target page. It is conceivable that your alt=
words have the same effect - but I don't know for sure.  I'd say stick with
gif file buttons and improve your alt text so each comprises the 4 top
keywords of the target page, just in case.  A minor advantage of text is
that you may be able to differentially distribute the page PR using large
bold or small un-bold text accordingly. Maybe a gif counts as "large bold" ?
I have no idea. Anyone else help ?

Incidentally your 3 pages: privacy, security, terms open in new windows and
are all dangling and have no return link.  I don't know what Google thinks
of these new window "links".  Others will know better.  Whatever, the PR
inherent in these three pages all appears to be wasted.  Each page like this
should have a text link back to your home page e.g: "Diecast toys: Pace
Models home page".

Also your adverts for NovaMedia might best be removed from all pages except
perhaps the home page. These links convey PR and are a big leak from your

Regarding my earlier remark about the non-text orpington gif.  You have an
alt="Pace Models - diecast model cars (phone number)"  You could usefully
add into this orpington kent, if we assume Google counts the alt text as
part of the page since we want any customers asking for "model car shops in

Best regards, Eric.

Re: Google only indexing home page

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 21:38:48 +0100, "Eric Johnston"

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Your right except the anchor text doesn't have to match the text on
the page. I've seen examples where a SERP could only be explained by
the keywords in the anchor text since the keyword wasn't on the page
at all.

Based on my experience the anchor text of incoming links and PR are at
least if not more important that the contents of the page. So though
optimizing the text of a site is important, this alone will get you no
where without PR and anchor text for competitive searches.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Currently Google counts alt text for image links, it doesn't count alt
text for simple images since they have been used in the past to spam
keywords into a page.

Unfortunately the page in question uses ALT text like "home" which
won't help the recipient page at all!!

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You misunderstand what PR is, PR is transferred through links, not
text. So a text link is equal to a image link when it comes to
transferring PR.

Remember it's assumed Google uses at least 100 different factors to
rank a page, PR being just one of them (a very important one). Another
is the anchor text of incoming links, yet another is the text within
the title of the head of a page, others are H* tags, bold/strong and
of course the actual text on the page that a visitor sees (or should

So you can't change the amount of Pr transferred by using different
types of text/images. You either transfer a set amount of PR (you have
a link) or you don't (you don't have a link or it's hidden through
java script etc...).

Quoted text here. Click to load it

It is wasted PR they should at least link back to an important page or
two using anchor/ALT text that's keyword rich. This will transfer more
PR to your pages and give them a further boost via the anchor/ALT

Also google sometimes drops pages like these from their database,
since they don't go anywhere. Think about it what sort of experience
is this giving a surfer if they find a page via Google only to
discover that's it. I wouldn't be happy to land on a page like this.

The opening in a new window isn't an issue, just the lack of return
link (I've not looked myself, so assuming you are right about no links
from the pages).

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Not looked, but that's a big NO, NO!! The worst place to put external
links is on the home page, since that page is most likely to have the
highest PR, so you are giving away the max. PR to another site. If you
must link out put it on a low PR page unless there is a very good
reason not to.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

You should not go over the top with alt/anchor text unless you have a
lot of PR since each extra word dilutes the effect of the rest. Pick
the most important three or four important keywords for the linked too
page. This way they will be given more relevance than if it was a
complete sentence.

i.e alt="diecast model cars" or alt="diecast model cars kent"

this assumes these are important keywords/phrases (see Overture
keyword tool).

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