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Can anybody tell what's different from google right now and one ago as
far as seo goes and the latest algo changes? What do they like now and
dislike now compared to a month ago? What works nows and doesn't work
now that worked and didn't work one month ago? Any thoughts or ideas?

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Nothing changed for me. The change was minor and pertained only to
websites copying others' content, and I do better things than that.

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responding to wrote:

cdavid wrote:

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If you want to know about more changes people see (or perceive) than you
can ever hope to make sense of, you should be checking's threads named like

*Google Updates and SERP Changes - February 2011*
( )
- replace "February 2011" with the month of your choice and I guarantee
you, you'll have more info that you'd know what to do with. A quick tip
though - on months when there actually is some considerable change, you'll
see that thread shot up to way beyond 10-15 pages, so if you just glance
at it and see 30 pages, you know something had happened.

Also note how tedster has started the February 2011 thread:
"It's a new month and our regular SERP watching thread has been neglected
a bit lately."
If this is not a dead giveaway that nothing of importance happened in
January 2011 (and some time before that) I don't know what is.


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On 05/02/2011 16:26, wrote:

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Hi Dmitri,

I disagree. The thread has been quiet as there are no answers! Google
become more difficult to discuss as some of the changes are not
experienced by all.



OK so the last one is not all that current but for the reasons that
there are seemingly no answers!


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