Google not showing Organic results

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Since past few months I have been wandering why I am being thrown to
some filthy sites showing nothing but commercial ads or some message to
join or order/ purchase products. Recently a friend of mine told me
that when he tried to search for Test material for his Management
entrance exam what he got are some sites selling test material and
advertising to join their online courses for the exam and at last, sick
and tired, when he couldn't get some free material he went to book
shop for buying some books for same.

       This isn't just one story about Search engines' miserable
behavior since past few months. Google, after its few updates in couple
of years got deviated so much from what it has been known and used
mostly in world i.e. Relevant, Natural or Organic Results and best
thing was commercial free results, no selling on Results but what these
Florida etc. updates brought to google are more commercialization less
relevancy in results for user in short what update defined to me is
more to Google in terms of profit and less to Users/ searchers in terms
of information.

  Organic Spam ( ) is what this phenomenon is
known to be, finding way perpetually in the name of online marketing
and internet marketing users are just not getting the very first
benefit of internet that is getting most relevant information. Websites
that are in existence as MFA (Made for Adsense) are fast making place
in top results of Search engines sadly they are Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.
which are widely used by most of the population of the world.

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We know.


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