Google not filtering duplicates - still

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Today I was looking for NDE (near death experiences) information, and
as I searched Google I saw the SAME articles, I mean exactly the same,
time and time again in the Google Top 10.


This are just examples, but I saw the excessive duplication a lot all
in Google's Top 10.

Clearly, Google is still not looking at content, but links to content -
what a joke. Sometimes you have to scroll through 3 pages just to find
something original.

Regarding news articles, probably a massive amount is just duplication
- I mean exactly the same article just reprinted under different names.
This is because news outlets uses AP.

Re: Google not filtering duplicates - still

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Problem is - duplicate text is only a part of these pages, other parts are  
different. Finding duplicated parts of the page is very expensive (in  
terms of processing power). Thus it is hardly surprising Google behaves as  
it does.


Re: Google not filtering duplicates - still

Borek wrote:
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This is my main point - Google does not look at content and never has.
Content in Software Engineering terms means meaning of text, and
relates to language, and machine intelligence. These areas are almost
totally undeveloped at Google and the market has a huge hole.

Google, like Yahoo! etc has huge capital backing and that makes a very
average software system appear valuable. I would Google's natural value
is about three million USD not the 100 billion USD Wall Street value.

The questions/requests below all have the same meaning:
"May I have my bank balance?"
"What is my bank balance"
"What is my balance now"
etc + 100 more examples

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