Google no longer finding my pictures - how to get them found again?

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I used FrontPage to create a web site ( /) that
contains five pictures (jpg's) total, on several different pages. Four
of those images are all found on each of two different pages:

Until recently Google Image Search would find those pictures and
display them.

Well,  a few months ago I changed the title of one of those pictures.
Shortly after that change, Google Image Search stopped finding all of
my pics, except one (not the one whose title had been changed) on . That one does not contain an Alt
Title, but none of them did (in the last few days I've added Alt Titles
in an attempt to get them found by Google).

Actually if one runs a test on my site - "site:mydomain .jpg"  without
the quotes - it finds two pics there, but one yields a "404 Not Found"
error message if one clicks on "See full-size image". Am guessing that
it is still in Google's cache memory, but the full-sized image can't be
found perhaps because its title *was* changed.

Why did Google Image Search stop finding my all my jpg's except one;
and, more importantly, what can I do to make it start finding them

Re: Google no longer finding my pictures - how to get them found again?

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I wouldn't worry about your images being in the image search. It has nothing
to do with the actual index, all different algorithm. Also usually when
people are searching through the images they are looking to use the image
for themselves(steal bandwidth also).


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