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Hi group.

We decided to start using a new domain name. The old domain and the
domain point to the same place(same ip).  But now all of our internal
links use the new domain name.
And I've requested that people who link to us use the new domain

Our new pages with the new domain name made it into the google index,
they're not showing up yet on any relevant searches.
However, our home page listed with the old domain name shows up
on relevant searches, but doesn't do too well since it's not as well
optimized as some of the inner pages.

Will the newly indexed pages with the new domain eventually start
up on relevant searches on thier own?

Is it just a matter of waiting through a dance or two to let things
get sorted out?

Is it possible that google sees two domains at one site and so only
to include one in relevant results?
In other words is it possible that
the pages with the new domain are being penalized?

This would be very bad since the only page that can be accessed with
the old
domain anymore is the home page!  And that's just there for legacy

Maybe I should go here:  
and request that the old url be changed.  
You think that would help?

Any help appreciated.


Re: google -- new pages vs. old home page

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Google should treat them as entirely new pages, because they are on a
new domain. Your new domain probably does not carry the page rank the
old on did, so the new pages may rank poorly even months from now. The
best you can do is get everyone to move their links to the new domain
(takes time, and sometimes people won't respond). Eventually that
should bring the page rank of the new domain up and also of the pages
linked under it.

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Should be, after people update their links to you.

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Doubt it - not if the contents are different. I don't think Google looks
at IP address (unless you use it instead of a domain), only at domain
name in the URL.

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Highly doubt it.

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I would leave your old pages alone and just redirect visits to them to
your new pages. Hopefully you have not removed any old pages - it's
almost always bad to throw away hits to existing pages. You should be
redirecting them instead to the new domain. Just keep doing that until
all the people linking to your old domain have changed to linking to
the new one. What's the problem in doing that? No one will see any old
stuff if you redirect everything to your new pages, right?

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Maybe - probably nothing to lose by trying.


Re: google -- new pages vs. old home page

I think I'm gonna send a "301 moved permanently" header.
I'll use PHP to figure out if the page has been requested via the old
and if that's the case I'll send the "301 moved permanently" header.

Below is the code I'll probably use(or something real similar):
if (preg_match("/^(?:www\.)?",
    header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
    header("Location: ");
    header("Connection: close");

Not to sound condescending, but for anyone who doesn't know PHP or
expressions, the above code basically sends a "301 moved permanently"
HTTP header if the page has been requested by using the old domain
So it tells the http client(ie browser, googlebot, etc) to not look
no more, and then it tells them where to find the new page.

Do you think this will help google get the hint to start using the
with the new domain in its listings?

This will transfer any Page Rank from the old domain home page to the
new one right?

Google does recommend using the 301 header when you move your site,
but I'm not
sure if mine if the right situation for its use.  I think it is

Am I making the right decision? Anyone?


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