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Google has refused to deny mounting speculation that it is working to
produce its own brand mobile phone.

Reports suggest that the web giant is developing a series of"GPhones",
centred on its mobile services, such as search, e-mail and maps.

In a statement, Google said it was working with carriers, phone makers
and content providers to "bring its services to users everywhere".

The firm would not say if its efforts included plans for a handset.

The Google statement said: "What our users and partners are telling us
is that they want Google search and Google applications on mobile, and
we are working hard every day to deliver that."

Reports circulate

Google has recently partnered with Apple to produce services, such as
e-mail and maps, for its iPhone handset.

Eric Schmidt, Google's chief executive, said recently that more Google
services for the iPhone would be rolled out.

Reports have circulated since last year that Google was working with
mobile phone manufacturers to produce a handset.

The Wall Street Journal on Thursday said Google had invested "hundreds
of millions of dollars" in the project and was involved in discussions
with T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless.

The newspaper said the company was seeking to grab a bigger slice of
the increasingly important mobiile phone advertising market.

Market research firm eMarketer told the paper that the mobile ad
industry would be worth $14bn (£7bn) by 2011.

Last month, Google said it was interested in bidding for wireless
spectrum licenses in the US, which could be the first step towards
running its own mobile network.

Google said its interest was in ensuring that customers would be able
to buy any mobile device to connect to the full capability of the

At present, wireless carriers routinely try to restrict which models
of cell phones that can be used on their networks.

They also often limit the software that can be downloaded onto them,
such as ringtones, music or web browser software.


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Re: Google mobile

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On which planet?

I use a Nokia 9500 and a Siemens S65 - neither is in _any_ way
restricted.  I've got 1GB RS-MMC cards in both and copied of several

The iFawn restrictions just make me giggle at how DUMB American
consumers can sometimes be.

Re: Google mobile

____/ Phil Payne on Saturday 04 August 2007 14:20 : \____

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Latest word says it's a Linux/Java (GPL stack!) phone that'll probably/might be
available for free (ad-sponsored). With Google's wi-fi plans, one wonders
about VoIP as well. It's truly disruptive technology, even a threat to iPhone.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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