Google Miscounts (Bug)

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For whatever reasons, I did an ego-surf Google Groups search for
'McClenon' in the most recent few days of December 2004.  Then I
narrowed it down to 25 December 2004 (only).  Doing this search with
Google Advanced Search is interesting.  It will state that it is
displaying 1 through 7 of 7 news articles found, and will show 10 news
articles.  The miscount does not really surprise me, but it is
interesting and reproducible.  This is further evidence that the
current interface to Google Groups is buggy.  

I will note for the record that 5 of the 7 or 10 posts are by the real
Bob McClenon.  None of them are by the troll who sometimes forges my
name.  However, the other 5 are by a troll who is forging the names of
my non-existent cousins.  (The surname 'McClenon' is a variant
spelling.  I have encountered many occurrences of it on the World Wide
Web, but all of them that I have actually communicated with are at
least fourth cousins once removed.  I have never encountered it in the
twentieth or twenty-first centuries as being used by anyone who was
not descended from a particular immigrant from County Antrim to New
York State.)  

The present Google interface has bugs, including this one, that is

     - -   Bob McClenon

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