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I've got a big polish site about chemistry (dedicated to students).
My page's URL is, but I officially use & promote
this adress: (because it's shorter). URL with is
only an alias which is very popular in Poland (i'm not sore if an "alias" is
a good word here. I mean that the is only a cover, page is in fact
under the first adress. The second, with prv, only connect user with and transfer him there). I'm sure that you know
what i mean because, as I suppose, some things like are available in
other countries too.

And here's my problem. I know that the one of factors on which Google base
when it makes its page results is number of links to the site. Google
indexed URL with on the end. In the Internet the address
is propagated. So: is it a good thing to use two addresses? Can you tell me:
does Google treate addresses with as (or other "real"
URLs). Does it know that prv is only an alias? If not - i have no chances to
promote my site in Google - she know page as but
never finds it because everywhere is Ughhh....

So can you help me in brightening my doubts? How does really Google works?

I will be thankful if you send answers for my questions also on my personal
e-mail. Thanks.


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