google link to vs. contains the term

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Why does google list sites that have links to mine under "contains the
term" instead of "link to"?


Re: google link to vs. contains the term

j wrote:
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Because those are text links. Everyone talks about text links here but
most don't understand what they are. Contain the term refers to your url
address but written out in plain text. Sometimes this will be a hyper
link that google will only accept in text because the pr is below 4 as
one example, also most guestbook even with pr7 are not accepted by
google as link to's only as text links. Text links or contain the term
are as important or maybe even more important than link to's. Do lots of
guestbook posts to get them. Bout the only thing those boring guestbooks
are good for anyway. I know of sites that have hardly any link to's but
have thousands of contain the trm text links and are number one on page
one intheir search word (but you still need some link to's with at least
pr4 as well, around 10 should do if you have thousands of contain the
term links)

Re: google link to vs. contains the term

Sam, I'd quite like to read what you said but when you use absolutely no
formatting with your text it makes it quite hard work.

Please use separate lines and paragraphs in your text.

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