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If I used the Google link option to see what sites I have as inbound links,
I get some crazy results.  If I use   I get 69 links listed.

But if I use:

link:  I get 161 links listed.

What the second one is giving me is every page that has the word link and
the website addie.  You would think that the first one would be equal in
number, but it isn't.  If I use this:
link: I get 98 inbound links.

I'm  sooooooo confused.
Take Care,  Sharon Lane

Re: Google link:

Sharon wrote:

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When you use a space inbetween you are making a totally different
query: you ask Google to return pages which include the word "link" and
the URL mentioned. Without the space however you ask Google to return
backlinks to the URL. This of course is a different result. Note that
Google won't show you all backlinks it knows, supposedly to prevent
search enginge optimization reverse engineering.

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Re: Google link:

"Philipp Lenssen"  wrote in message
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I do understand that, but I may have found a way to actually see all of the
links because when I use the space, I get the original 98 that showed up
when I did the Google approved way of searching for inbound links plus
another 63 links that didn't show up in the approved method search.  So, by
putting the space in am I getting all inbound links to my site?

Take Care,  Sharon

Re: Google link:

Sharon wrote:

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No. It just searches for the text on a site. If you think that your
preferred link would most likely be just the phrase Rare Cancer - that's
what would be on most sites - a site listing your URL is still a link to
you but you aren't seeing the ones that link like this
<a href=" ">Rustic Stone House Signs</a>
where you would only see the text Rustic Stone House Signs and not

So you still don't get a true number of people that link to you.

Hope that makes sense!

Rustic Stone House Signs

Re: Google link:

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The first own your are telling google to look for sites that link to yours.
Its a function.
The second you are searching for two strings, "link:" and "your site", so
will get all sites with those words in


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