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Hi All,

I have recently (a month ago) altered my web site so that it is tuned
for the keyword phrase "bug tracking system". Previously I had it
indexed under "bug tracking software", but realised that "bug tracking
system" was a far more searched phrase on google. My site is regularly
crawled by google and I have a PR6. The title, description and cached
version have been updated in google. However, when searching for my
web site I am still indexed under "bug tracking software" and rank
very poorly under "bug tracking system" #135. I seem to be slowly
creeping up the ranks (very slowly).

So my questions are :

Are being indexed in google with the new version & title of your web
site independant of the keywords google associates with your web site?
Eg Your new web site is in google, but indexed under the old keywords.

Do I have to wait for the infamous "google dance" before my site will
start to rank in the top 20 for "bug tracking system"?

My website address is

thanks in advance,

Ben Fletcher

Re: Google keyword reindex question

Two thoughts:

1. Your inbound links are most likely still using "bug tracking software"
as link text.  Inbound link text is _very_ important to the Google

2. The "bug tracking system" SERP may be more competitive than the "bug
tracking software" SERP.

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Nope.  SERPS now change constantly.  All day, every day.


Re: Google keyword reindex question

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004 01:19:30 GMT, Will Spencer

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Beginning to be known in some circles as the everflux. Geddit? Was
googledance, now everflux.


Re: Google keyword reindex question

I just did a an allinanchor and i'm #1 for "bug tracking system" - but
I rank #31 in a google search... hmm I must be missing a secret
ingredient! :)


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