Google keyword disabled - What to do?

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I used some keywords in an ad campaign and they didn't bring in enough
clickthroughs in Google AdSense and Google disabled them. Now everytime I
use them in new campaigns with new ads, they disable them after very few

So now what.. I can't use them anymore? The keywords are very related to my
ad campaign and are popular. Are there any workarounds? Open a new account
with them? I am unhappy with their tactics. I feel like I am being

John Dalberg

Re: Google keyword disabled - What to do?

What about doing  the obvious... like showing up in search results...
somebody around here might be able to help as long as you provide
url and keywords....

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Re: Google keyword disabled - What to do?

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 17:21:11 -0400, Paolo Nascimbeni wrote:

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It can take forever or never to get listed in search results or several
pages away. I can have a site ready today and I need to get it listed
tomorrow. Only ppc campaigns can get you results that quick.


Re: Google keyword disabled - What to do?

John Dalberg wrote:
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What was Google's reply when you asked them?

Justin Koivisto -

Re: Google keyword disabled - What to do?

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 21:30:30 GMT, Justin Koivisto wrote:

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See below. Not exactly helpful. So if you have an ad selling tennis shoes
and you used "tennis shoes" as a keyword and the ad for some reason had a
low CTR, they disable "tennis shoes" for you. You create a brand new ad and
change the verbage and use "tennis shoes" again as a keyword, they
automatically disable it for you. Oh great. Then they tell you to use other
more relevant keywords as suggested below. Furthermore, one ad can have
several keywords and they might disable some of them which in turn are
popular keywords. Now you're stuck with keywords which aren't as popular.
It seems there's no chance to start over.


When your account or keywords fall below the minimum required clickthrough
rate (CTR), delivery of your ads for certain keywords will either be
slowed or stopped. Keywords marked as 'slowed' only trigger your ad
occasionally. Keywords marked as 'disabled' have been disabled.
If you re-use a disabled keyword, you may notice that it is disabled
before reaching 1,000 impressions. This is because our system recognizes
that this word has not performed well for you in the past. Therefore, our
system is more rigorous in its evaluation of that keyword.

We encourage our Google AdWords advertisers to use keywords that are
relevant and specific to their target audience. The more closely your ad
relates to your keywords, the more likely a Google user is to click on
your ad. To improve your campaign performance:
1. Use multiword, specific keywords to remove singular and/or general
keywords. You can use our Keyword Tool to refine your keywords at:

2. Create new Ad Groups specifically containing your targeted keywords in
your ad headlines or text.

3. Use keyword matching options to help weed out irrelevant searches. For
ideas on negative keywords, look at the irrelevant results from our
Keyword Tool as negative keywords. To learn more, visit . Or check out
our 'Keyword Matching Demo' at /.

4. Use descriptive and specific ad text to highlight the relevancy of your

5. Delete poorly performing ads with low clickthrough rates (CTRs) to
improve the CTR for your keywords and campaign.

6. Use keywords in your ad text to attract users to your ad. Plus, if a
user searches on a keyword that appears in your ad, the word will appear
in bold.

7. For more tips on improving your CTR:

If you have additional questions, please visit AdWords Support at , where you'll find the answers to many
of our frequently asked questions.  

Re: Google keyword disabled - What to do?

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Re: Google keyword disabled - What to do?

Phil wrote:
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Top-posting and yelling at me?? What the hell did I do wrong? ;)

Justin Koivisto -

Re: Google keyword disabled - What to do?

I'm having major problems with Google and Adwords now myself. It's
driving me crazy. Apparently, it's not possible to talk to a human
their and their editors are dolts. My entire account has now been
disabled, so be careful dealing with them.

Frankly, I think they've become dangerous because they are much too
big. They're the only real show in town and they are able to limit
free speech.

Read this...

Now, on to your topic...

If your words are totally focused, the the click through rate should
be higher, so there may be a break between your search words (ie;
Tennis Shoes) and your ad copy. A relavent ad should get clicks, it's
that simple.

I do wish that the .5 % number was lower. .25% or even .1% would help,
but I just take the words that they disable and kill them.

Is that possible? Could your ad text not be relavent to your keywords?
Google is all about relavency.

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