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And I didn't say anything about your sites. I said 'approach'.

'but of course you only have to buy a new domain and upload all the old
site to the new domain. Takes a whole ten minutes.' is what I was referring

One might get search presence back in a month (though if you had really
impressive results before, I'm impressed if you can recover them that fast)
but you don't get the brand presence back for your new domain name in a

Therefore, for many businesses, search engine banning of a domain name can
be a real pain, and not something that would be fixed a month later.  That
is 'why they bother'.

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Re: Google just updated

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domain name can
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later.  That
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Good Point. Just checking to see where you were coming from.

I will admit most of my sites would not benefit from branding and
generally do not rely on return visits for sales.

But that doesnt mean I am opposed to the idea.

It is very difficult to build loyalty on the web. How many sites do
you need
to revisit but lack the time?  And with over 4 billion pages
there is much competition.

I have been generating an income for several years from my
sites. So lets say one site generates $100 per day from people
who will only visit my site once in their lives. Why should I bother
to build highly user-interactive site to lull the few stragglers into
a sale?  Its not cost effective for me. I rely totally on new sales
on a daily basis.

My site does fine from "one hit wonders".  :-)

Look at your logs sometime and see how long people stay at your
site. You may be shocked. Few people stay for more than a few

I worked in face to face sales for several years and was taught the
"one call close"
It has helped me on the net. Thats why the car salesman is so
aggresive. He knows based on statistics if you leave the lot he may
never see you again.
(I was never a car salesman BTW)

Now on the other hand if you are not motivated by profit and
your site is also your love and hobby, then the idea of building
something worth coming back to is honorable and worth the
extra effort.

I dont do retail sales on the but I am sure they would benefit
highly from return visits.

My point is this. Content is really determined by what goals you
have for your site.

We seem to have two types of SEOs here on this board. Those
who know their visitors will only see their site once and those
who are building a customer base. One SEO is content motivated,
the other leans more towards aggresive marketing with little
concern for content.

Thats also why we lively debate here on occasion.

That is also why I can put another site up and pick up where I left
off with little consequence.


Re: Google just updated

We are pleased!  :)

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Re:Google just updated

Does anyone have any theories on what specifically changed wit
Google's algorithm with this most recent update
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