Google jamming Yahoo again

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If they do it enough they think people will sign up
with Google instead of Yahoo.
Not me, Never.
Maybe they can steal employees from Microsoft
but I will never use their services.
Yahoo is the best and we will just have to put
up with Googles attacks for awhile until Yahoo can prove it like
Microsoft did.

re:Google jamming Yahoo again

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You mean like this ?

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Re: Google jamming Yahoo again

__/ [bigswing] on Wednesday 04 January 2006 17:31 \__

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I actually tested the 'Yahoo water' earlier today (metaphorically-speaking
of  course), but they were turbit. Their ranking of results are utter rub-
bish,  worse  than  MSN perhaps. They not only fail to crawl as  much  Web
space  (judging by the number of term matches), but they also fail to rank
the results properly.

Yahoo are nowhere near Google and, if you opt to use Yahoo SERP's, you are
hindering  yourself. This hindrance, whether it is scrolling and  bouncing
between  pages  or conferring imprecise and misleading  information,  will
lead  you  nowhere.  That's truly how I feel about it. I  used  Webcrawler
(they  "harvest  some Google") until 2-3 years ago before I  suddenly  re-
alised that their Google component was all I truly needed.

In  summary, suit your own preferences, but be aware that a certain search
engines is shown time and time again, by many independent studies, to pro-
vide better results. Ethics are an entirely different matter and time will
tell if more people will turn their back on Google, just as you have.


Re: Google jamming Yahoo again

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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I think he might be talking about Yahoo and Google CTA programmes. I
recently tried out Chitika but it is not as good as Google for my sites.

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Re: Google jamming Yahoo again

bigswing wrote:

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I just dont understand what you are talking about.
Would you please elaborate?

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Re: Google jamming Yahoo again

I didn't understand the original post either. But coming back to the other
poster re. quality of SERPs, I think Yahoo walks all over Google. I use
Google probably once or twice a week now whereas I use Yahoo hundreds of
times a week.

I can find what I want when I use Yahoo but not when I use Google. It's that

- - -

Re: Google jamming Yahoo again

I have to agree with Rob on this one. I find Yahoo consistantly
delivers fresher content and a lot less spam sites.
There are some features about Google I still use but for general
searches, Yahoo delivers what I search for without having to wade
through the endless duplicate web sites, and so called affiliate sites
that Google delivers.

Yahoo has also gotten much faster than Google at picking up changes to
a site and dropping pages that are gone from their index. I can see
this with my own site. Google will still bring up pages from my site
that have been gone for 6 months or more which explains the many dead
links found on Google searches.

The internet simply changes faster than that and Google can't seem to
keep up these days. Maybe they will come back around but for now it's
Yahoo for searches as far as I'm concerned.


Re: Google jamming Yahoo again

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  Yeah.  I like Alta Vista < , that
is under the Yahoo umbrella.  Google bought le farm ever since December
2004 as far as I am concerned.  Some how Google does not find pages
I expect to find.  So I only use Google, any more, to search for usenet
archive messages.  That's it. Otherwise, Google is deleted from
my bookmarks.

  Alta Vista, Yahoo, is much better.

M. Jacquard

Re: Google jamming Yahoo again

Rob Cook skrev:
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Maybe your signature explains why you like Yahoo over Google?

May depend on what you search for...

(What do you search for?)


Re: Google jamming Yahoo again

Not really - the majority of my searches are nothing to do with my sig...
but even if that were not the case, Yahoo would win over Google hands down.
The more competitive the term (to use online gambling as your example) the
more spammy Google SERPS.

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