google index split

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I have a page on my site:

that the content is in English, as well as the html document language
set as English. It is
indexed in SERPs not as English, and displays title as:

hiding email addresses - Sarven Capadisli - [ Translate this page ]

for the search: =

Why is it offering to translate an article which is already in English?

The traffic on my site tells me that the German sites are linking to
this article more then those of the English sites. When I do: =

it displays title as:

hiding email addresses - Sarven Capadisli

as native to German (not offering the 'Translate this page' link.)

The rest of the pages on the site is indexed natively in English. It is
only this page.

A while back, I switched the URI case around, however the page was
still treated as a foreign language (German), on results

What can be done to index this page properly?
[To list a single URL as native on google English engines]

I would appreciate if you could give insight on this or if there is
something that needs to be corrected by the crawler?

Thank you

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