Google Index Blatently Spammed by Redirect Websites

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Hi Guys,
I couldn't resist asking this today as here is something that really
gets up my goat.

Here is an example of how a website can easily manipulate google
results and ride off the backs of somebody elses hard work. I have
notified  about this just recently but I am not holding my breath.

In my search for ‘Magazine Style Wedding Albums' (an exclusive term
used only by wedding couples or wedding photographer) I found links to
a site which has apparently misused key words and links from high
ranking wedding photography sites to attract traffic to its doorway
page for the sole purpose of redirecting traffic to at least two of
its totally unrelated target sites, being about animals or mens

The google result would yield either

Then once the surfer goes to the URL provided by google containing the
misused links and keywords a redirect occurs and the surfer lands on
either or /

It would seem that the keyword ‘magazine' is what they (the spammers)
are targeting. Never mind that the victim sites was only related to
wedding photography and albums as their site description shows in my
google search.

The result that one receives when one is caught in this deceptive
redirect is either a site peddling magazines about mens health
magazines or animal magazines.

I would think that this is the work of a SEO company.

Does anybody else know anything about this particular group?


Re: Google Index Blatently Spammed by Redirect Websites

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes, they have 1000s of spam pages starting here: /
It looks as if they automatically  redirect to the home page using
shockwave - I believe Google now detects and penalizes automatic page
re-direction using Javascript.

They don't have any page rank and they were a long way down in the SERPS, so
it doesn't seem to work well.
You could probably get them de-indexed if you report it to Google - despite
the "WE LOVE GOOGLE" on the front age.

However, the site doesn't seem to have any real commercial content and I
suspect it is just someone experimenting with spam techniques.


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