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This message will interest those whose referrals benefit from site graphics
and traffic from Google Images.

The Google Images index has just been updated -- an event that occurs around
3 a times a year. As a result, if your number of images has significantly
increased, you might observe extra traffic shortly. If you have not had any
graphics added recently, you might get less traffic unless crawling has
picked up images that were previously missed.


Re: Google Images Update

On Sun, 07 Aug 2005 03:37:15 +0100, Roy Schestowitz

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Thanks for the HU Roy

I have a filter in place to stop people hotlinking. The down side to
this is when google now caches the pages, the images are not cached.

Thankfully this filter was added after the last update.
IF the google-images update has finished, then I am lucky as it still
shows them.

I have virtually cornered the market for kachina clipart :)


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Re: Google Images Update

Hello Roy,

I have been reading your post from many days, and u r among the best in
this group.

I need a suggestion abt affiliate marketing. I want to target a
affiliate product so from where i should start..

I am just new in this field and i want some other source of income and
i think this will be a good way....What do u think ?

thank you

Re: Google Images Update

On 8 Aug 2005 21:25:13 -0700, "cordial_camaraderie"

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           Elvis does my SEO

Re: Ads Affiliate Programs

cordial_camaraderie wrote:

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*smile* Thank you for the compliment, but there are many talented
individuals in this group, some of whom just don't find much time to post.

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Someone whom I know posted a recommendation for AdBrite < earlier today. He has good credentials (several PR7
sites) and has been sticking with Google AdSense for quite some time. He
did not rule out AdSense altogether. What is the theme of your site? Is it
narrow or broad in scope? Is it lightweight by principle (i.e. avoids heavy

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Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz

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