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Re: Google Help!

On Tue, 16 Nov 2004 17:33:44 GMT, SEO Dave

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Actually yes. You aren't passing along any PR to anyone else either,
even when later edited to slip in some, so I don't see why you tried
to bring in about passing along PR/benefits to others thought anyway.
If you copied my post from last night/this morning sharing that one
URL to someone else's site - and it is up on your archive already - is
that one URL I shared clickable on your site [like it appeared in my
newsreader since I put in the http:// bit] ?

I don't share my URLs on this group - so I wouldn't benefit even if
SearchGuild allowed the links to pass along PR or not ... and I doubt
you would be sharing any links my way from the quoted bits. So, sorry,
I am not thinking about this from a SE advantage point of view.

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Dave, if you just asked me - I would most probably be agreeable to
most of the posts quoting me somehow being shared through your site. I
would just the option of saying "no" being available since your site
isn't a mirror of this group. By me saying I want that option doesn't
mean I would blanket coat "no" across all posts I am quoted in - but
there may be some I prefer remaining buried in the Usenet archives and
not shared on your site [then you could paraphrase or something else
instead on your side].

Jackie mentioned something a coupel weeks back that I took to mean to
copying of bits of posts from here to share on their site somehow. I
shared then the same thoughts I am sharing with you - that I would
like to be asked before I was shared as quoted material on someone's

I do really think you could write some really good articles based on
those posts instead - so may not need all the quoted bits, if at all,
and allow yourself to take those 1,500+ posts a step higher in quality
or value - to yourself as well anyone else who happens to read your
site. Some posts hit upon 2 or 4 areas of thought - so you could spin
that one post out to being 2 to 4 articles.


Re: Google Help!

On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 23:55:41 GMT, SEO Dave

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Who does that?


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