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Sent to google:

Google used to be my top pick for search engines and now all I can say is it
is GARBAGE!  If you look for anything now you get more link sites.  These
link sites even show the title of many of my site and they direct you to a or citysearch page that makes the end user have to go through
more garbage and advertising.  I am a seasoned designer and have always
worked towards a fair ranking and worked to obtain this for many clients
very successfully.  My sites that have been worked on for months and some
years are nowhere to be found.  All the end user gets is junk!  How dare
these link farms use my site titles and then take the user to another site

I am pulling all of my advertising as of now on the PPC!  I cannot justify
to my clients to pay you any longer.

Why list a relevant site on Google?  It will never be found until you go
through 50 pages of crap to get to a relevant site and go to the site itself
not some damn 3rd party site.

I hope everyone else follows this practice.  Hey why don't you look on the
newsgroups to see all the pissed people.  If everyone pulls their ad dollars
you may change your mind!

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Re: Google hell...

res0medi wrote:
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and I also have many hopes.  one of them is that people will learn the
benefits of cross-posting in contrast to multi-posting.

I take it you didn't like the replies you got in news:alt.ww.webmaster

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Re: Google hell...

res0medi wrote:

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Something tells me this is the point where they hit the trash-button.
You really didn't get far...


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res0medi wrote:
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   Very odd. Every search I have tried on my own initiative, including
commercial ones, showed many relevant sites on page 1. I'll admit via
private contact a few people sent me some really rotten Google SERPs.
However, these are very much the exception to the rule. Could it be
perhaps the inadequacy is not Google's, but that you are a lousy SEO? As
for me, I go with the flow and adapt. If Google changes the way they do
things, then I in turn modify my strategy. Quit whining, and figure out
how to succeed.

Re: Google hell...

Either way, its the search engine I use, and the majority of the internet uses,

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Jbgdog7 wrote:
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   A fact I ALWAYS keep in mind. Google leads. I follow, along with the
rest of those who have a clue.

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On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 18:22:58 -0500, "rfgdxm/Robert F. Golaszewski"

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Excellent point, all the moaning and bitching in the world isn't going
to change anything, the smart people will spend their time trying to
figure out the new algo rather than going on about how bad it is and
how good it was last month and various conspiracies.

Trust me on this, Google doesn't care what us web site owners think of
it, we are the minority of google users. For every SERP worth going
after there are hundreds of thousands to millions of pages competing
for it. If you lost a top 10-20 'free' SERP another site has taken
your place and they will be happy with Google.

So for every SERP there are 10 to 20 happy web masters and hundreds of
thousands of unhappy ones. Google doesn't care if you or I are one of
the 20, all it cares about is that the millions of Google users are
mostly happy with the results it provides.

Based on the SERPs I've viewed I think most Google users will be
happier with the results this month over previous month SPAM replaced
by info sites). Google would allow some SPAM and/or irrelevant sites
in a SERP if it means the majority of it's users are content.

If you change your mind set from "my websites been dropped, google
doesn't love me" to "google only cares about users, what do I do to
get a good SERP" you'll sleep a lot better and get more work done :-))

If google does read it's feedback forms etc... I'll bet they filter
out the ones that start "my websites been dropped" since it's not from
a 'real' Google user.

Put your efforts into improving your site using the best information
available to you at the time. If you aren't happy with the current
information do some research.

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On Tue, 02 Dec 2003 01:55:13 +0000, SEO Dave wrote:

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I can confirm that rumor with a fair degree of certainty.


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rfgdxm/Robert F. Golaszewski wrote:

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If there's justice and a God in heaven let the above posters sites all
drop to nothing! I would love to see him whine and cry and I'll bet he'd
do it bigger and louder than anyone.

Re: Google hell...

Sam Wrote

 Quit whining, and figure out how to succeed.

Thanks ok if you have the time to do it

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res0medi said:

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search engines experiment with new techniques to try and return better
results to the searcher so the searcher will return again.

some experiments will work and some will not.

everyone needs to calm down, take a deep breath, count to ten and be a
little more tolerant of search engine experimentation.

in the end the best result for the searcher will be achieved regardless
of what SEO "experts" think or may want or the search engine will simply

02/December/2003 10:46:12 am kilo

Re: Google hell...

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I think most of us are calm.  There's the odd person kicking and screaming
as always, a few results that look a bit weird or interesting, and a few
that look a lot better, and an awful lot that just look pretty much the

So, business as usual then...

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