Google has deleted my WEB pages!

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   OK, Google hasn't really deleted the WEB pages,
but it has deleted all references to them in cache and index.

  A week or so ago (and for the last 6 months), the Google search
 "" displayed about 30 pages from my site. They were
all indexed and in cache.  There are not a lot of incoming links, but a
few; I could do a key word search for content and my pages would show
up. So I was reasonably content.

   Then last week, I noticed there were only about 10 pages
indexed. And now there only 3! At this rate I may disappear
myself :-)

 (situation as of Nov 23 2005, 1500 UTC)

  Curiously, the only pages now showing up are listed
as "Supplemental Results" And the cache is dated back in July!

  One of the pages still indexed ( is
only referenced by a link from one of my pages which isn't indexed!

 (a rather esoteric search for "dermott" (and) "framkomstmiddel"
returns the above page and ONLY that page !)

    Is it only me that Google has deleted? Or are millions of pages
world-wide now de-indexed? If so, a "Google search" is a less  valuable
tool than it used to be.

   A MSN "site:" search does show that MSN still has my pages indexed
and cached.

  I hope that Google is just "cleaning house" - removing dead-links,
rebuilding cache etc. If I wait long enough will my pages return?

 David Dermott , Wolfville Ridge, Nova Scotia, Canada
 WWW pages: /

Re: Google has deleted my WEB pages!

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Excellent site content.

But go through every page making sure you have a link back to the next page
up in the heirarchy.

For example: This page needs a
link at the bottom back to

On the first level sub pages from your home page edit the html page link
that says return to Home
from: <a href="../index.html">return to HOME</a> to <a
href= return to David Dermott's HOME page - stories of
Cycling and Skiing</a>   Don't mention index.html anywhere on your pages
source code.   Do include the url on every page.   It
is not essential but full absolute links like: do make all the links unambigious
and any robot will be certain to which to web site each page and link

On the home page remove the link to the html code checker or make it
rel="nofollow".   Your site is nothing to do with code checking.  Links from
pages on your site should be related only to Cycling, Skiing etc.

There is much more that could be done to improve your site but the above
points will be a good start.

I would be pleased to put a link to a page on your site from my "Cycling in
Hungary with Hot Spa Baths" page.

Best regards, Eric.

Google has censored my WEB pages again!

   This seems to be a monthly happening.

In early January most of my pages were removed from
Google's cache and index. Gradually they came back,
by end of January there were about 40 pages in cache and index.
Then suddenly, (Feb 4) most of them are gone. It also happened
in November. It's almost like some "sinister forces" were removing
all references to my articles :-)

  MSN search still finds most of my site. In fact
one page appeared in MSN's index a day after I created it:

   I guess I just wait and see...
   Maybe Google will pick up some links from this post.

 David Dermott , Wolfville Ridge, Nova Scotia, Canada
 Ice photos 2006:

Re: Google has censored my WEB pages again!

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Hey David

On you Home Page: and subsequent pages, I suggest
these things may help:

1. Missing the opening <html> tag, you have the closing one.

2. Change these tags like this below, the way you have them now causes the
content attribute to be invalid.
<meta name="keywords" content="spark, kicksled, kick-sled, kicksledding,
potkukelkka, sparkstötting, cycling, skiing, skating">
<meta name="description" content="personal outdoor adventures on land,
water, snow and ice">

3.Close your <li> tags. One is invalid inside another.

4.Gotta close the <p> tag. This combo <p><hr> is invalid. I know it may
sound like I am picking design problems, but these thing can confuse a
search engine robot, even though others here may disagree. Play safe, close
your tags. If you open a <p> close like this </p> same with <li> close with


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