Google: has anyone notiuced this type of thing...

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My site was spidered by google months ago and everything was pretty good.
Then in the middle of last month I noticed that even though the pages was
still in the index, the cache of the pages started disappearing, so if you
do a search for my interior pages, you would never find them.  For example,
we all know  the most important text on a page as far as a search engine is
concerned is the title.  Before I found out about the site: command in
google, the way I knew for sure one of my pages was in google was to type
its title verbatim within quotes and look at all the enbtries until I found
it.  NOw even the title of the page isn't stored anywhere in google.

Anyway, this is hard to explain so I'll show you what I mean:

If you click here, you will see that the root page and one has been stored
in google, and all the others has nothing but a url.  If anyone knows what's
going on here, please tell me.  It's been going on for a month now, which
means that well over 95% of my search engine traffic is just gone and I want
it bacvk :-)


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