Google Groups - Luring the ignorant from public usenet to private groups

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What the hell is going on with Google?  Pretending usenet is like a
collection of groups, by Google, for Google users.  This charade must
end now!
Usenet is a fantastic way for people to have conversation through.
It's been around for a long time.  Messages get propagated to servers
all over the internet.  This means noone really owns the messages.  Any
server that wishes to indefinitely cache and put a web interface on it,
This means that when you post a message on usenet, it'll be permanent,

Yahoo groups for instance, is not like that.  Messages sit on Yahoo's
server, and a Group and disappear just as easy as people can create
them.  The result is that once a upon a time, someone creates a group,
a number of people contribute great and useful messages, but then,
boom, the group disappears into thin air.  Hence, Yahoo groups sucks.

Deja logged just about every message that came in through their usenet
feed, and consequently ended up with the worlds largest archive of
conversations ever.  Then Google buys Deja or Deja's usenet archives.
Great at first, Google kept it up nicely, a web interface gateway to
true usenet content, with both reading and writing capability.

Now, this is not enough for Google.  Google wants to be like Yahoo
Groups too.  Yahoo Groups is used by many, and many poeple that don't
understand what Usenet stands for, might find Yahoo Groups with its
frills more attractive.  So what does Google do?  Instead of starting a
separate groups system, they want to piggyback their new group
concoctions intertwined with Usenet.
They actually suggest through their web interface that their groups is
analogous to the usenet content.  This is TOTALLY WRONG AND DECEIVING!
Everytime you see a 'group' with dots, like,
then it IS a Usenet group, and when you see a 'group' like
some-group-rather, it means it's a Google Group.
The problem is that you can't filter for it in the search.  Now when
you search, you get both conglomerated into one.  Before you know it,
ignorant people will start to spend their time typing in messages into
Google's private group concoction, instead of contributing their time
and effort into the more worthy and permanent true Usenet.

I think Google's being evil.  It's clear their interface is designed to
lure ignorant people away from Usenet and 'steal' some of its momentum,
through a carefully designed illusive and deceptive interface.

One can say, don't use Google, use a 'real' usenet reader.  Ok, that's
great.  But then what?  You can't really search a heck of a whole lot
through a usenet reader.  One wants access to archival data, and more
usenet groups than one could subscribe to.

Re: Google Groups - Luring the ignorant from public usenet to privategroups

HomerCritic wrote:
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They have shareholders to satify, they want to make money with their
advertising model.

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Re: Google Groups - Luring the ignorant from public usenet to private groups

They can make money with just the usenet content, like they have been
for the last few years.
The problem I have is that they are trying to dilute genuine usenet
with concocted private server based conversations.  This is deceptive
and evil, and people MUST be made aware of it.

Google: for god's sake, please, separate the usenet content from your
new group concoctions!  You know it's the right thing to do, so don't
(**& things up, p l e a s e . . .

Re: Google Groups - Luring the ignorant from public usenet to private groups

I see thousands of basically abandoned Google fake newsgroups on their list.
Hundreds with with only 2-3 posts. I just hope none of those ever make it to
Usenet. In fact after about 30 minutes of searching, I cannot find a single
Google propogated group with any real activity, but the quantiy of forum
spam is rediculous.

People make up a "newsgroup", post a message or two, and two years later it
still shows up on the Google list, even though the last post was in 2003. It
is rapidly making Google useless for searching for relevant newsgroups.

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Re: Google Groups - Luring the ignorant from public usenet to private groups

Windsun wrote:

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later it
2003. It

There clearly is a market for Usenet.  Do you know of any other good
Usenet archives?  Free would be nice, but heck, I suppose paying a
moderate amount for it might be ok.

Google has gotten big and arrogant, contrary to popular belief.

Re: Google Groups - Luring the ignorant from public usenet to private groups

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I also suppose Google doesn't care too much for the fact that a good
portion of articles are inaccessible due to bugs in their transitioning

Besides the "Topic does not exist" errors, I'm also getting timeouts.

ps. Topic is WRONG.  PLAIN AND BLATENDLY WRONG!  It's NOT a "topic",
it's a NEWSGROUP.  What part of NEWSGROUP does Google not understand?

If that's not enough, their DNS name servers aren't configured
correctly either.  Some DNS lookups don't work from certain IP
addresses.  I have to re-connect with a different IP address on my DSL
account to fix google DNS lookups.

It looks like Google entire presence is in flux at the moment.  Good
thing there's Yahoo as a backup.

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