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Let me know what I'm missing here.   Maybe a preference setting I've

Example:  Go to google groups search ( e.g.
) and search for the following

"Can't Hardly Wait" replacements

My complaint is that the results look different than they used to
months (?) ago.   Well, the actual complaint is that along with these
changes I seem to get a lot of duplicate results.    For the above
example notice that over the next few search result pages you get
multiple result topics titled "here's pauls favorite replacement
tunes..  " for the group ""

Seems to be exactly the same thread.   But used to, it would just give
you one result item back for that thread and leave it to you to view
the thread to find the single or multiple instances of your search
phrase within the thread.   I wish this were an option.    Or if
that's confusing, what I mean is that if I searched for the phrase
"Rumpelstiltskin likes doughnuts" and a particular thread had 20 posts
and each person in that thread used the term "Rumpelstiltskin likes
doughnuts" in their post I wouldn't want to get 20 separate results
back - each pointing to the same thread.   I can see how some would
like this, but I'd prefer to turn it off.

How do you even communicate this to google ?   They don't seem to
provide any contact information on their site.

Eric Gooden

Re: Google Group search problems

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  Groups has been FUBAR for almost a month now.  Remember the beta a few years
back, when it was unusable for three or four months before they finally
decided to fix it?  But once they fixed it, it worked really well until last

  They should make book in Vegas on how long Groups will be FUBAR this time
around.  I'd give 3:1 odds till September, but that may be optimistic.

  I found this link useful for keeping tabs on the situation: &

  I think the Groups will make another come back, but it could be months
before they decide to put it back on line.  Like a lot of people are saying
about Google, they can do anything they want, and there is nothing that
anyone outside of Google can do about it.  They have become like Microsoft,
an international monopoly without competition.  

  I've been reading in other groups that is getting the
UDP treatment in a lot of news reader filters, due to all the spam, and
because complaints to are totally useless.  I
haven't done that yet with my news filters, as you can tell, but I am sure
tempted to, especially if they don't fix the Groups.

  Do no evil.  More like do as I say, not as I do.  That should be their
corporate motto.

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