Google Going Public?

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Hello all,

When approx is Google going public?

How, if in any way, will this affect their search results?
Will results be more Commercial, or less commercial?

Any ideas?


Re: Google Going Public?

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We can say that Google will be looking at everyway possible to make their
"product" more enticing to investors...long term.

James Taylor

Re: Google Going Public?

I expect the first thing to go will be dmoz to be replaced by a pay only

The problem will then be how to get as much money as possible without
degrading the basic search.

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Re: Google Going Public?

On 22 Jan 2004 08:41:39 -0800, (David) wrote:

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I believe I read that Google were due to go public march or may time. These things
have a habit of getting delayed mind.

Google will not want to rush into full, in your face, commercialization mode. They
know how they got to be the number one search engine, it wasn't
through popups, banners and even text ads which are relatively new considering their
5 years in search. I think they will push their search technology
for businesses/large websites, as Inktomi does, and won't screw around too much on
their successful search formula (Florida arguably an exception :-/
). Maybe I'm giving them too much business acumen credit mind, they would be doing a
major no-no to 'do a Looksmart' or Altavista and start chasing
the bucks at the expense of a quality search engine. It's going to be an exciting
year in the search market.


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