Google Geo-targeting

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I've become paranoid that my proudly-touted google rankings may not be
what I thought they were. I recently became aware of geotargeting and
thought that being based in New Zealand my site could be adversely
affected when trying to target the rest of the world.

However the site is a .com hosted in the USA. The URL is and IP is Does this mean Google
considers it a US site?

I'm concerned because the rankings as I see them aren't translating
into the sort of hits I would hope for. Before trying to figure out
why I'd like to clarify whether or not I really do have the rankings I
think I do.

Is there some way of seeing Google results as they would be seen from
another country? Alternatively, could one of you kind souls tell me
where stands for these search strings? (I see them
all as #1)

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edit with a VCR and computer
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Thanks, Dave
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