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Previosuly I had a menu at the top of the page, which looked something like this:

<a href="...">Home</a> | <a href="...">About</a> | ... etc.

But I replaced it with:

<a href="..."><img src="img1.jpg" alt=Home border=0></a><a href="..."><img
src="img2.jpg" alt=About border=0></a> ... etc.

Thus I replaced the text with images. Does anyone know if Google finds any of
these worse than the other and might give it some "minus points" when calculating
the position?

Re: Google friendly menu

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I don't think it will care.  Google only assigns "minus points" when it
suspects that someone is trying to pull the wool over its eyes;  and you
aren't doing that.

Now, if you were trying to sell aspidistras, and you replaced the word
"aspidistra" by an image, it would make Google less likely to rate your
page highly for aspidistras.  But you aren't wanting a high rating for
"home" "about", so this does not matter either.

Nick Wedd

Re:Google friendly menu

Mike I use a similar system of navigation on many of my clients sites
and no you will not be penalized so long as you use it "smart" :
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