Google Filtering Results For Adword Profit

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Here is an allegation which may have serious consequences.

My company VHS Holdings Ltd ( manage cost per click
(CPC) campaigns for a large insurance group.

The groups commercial vehicle insurance department has a website at the main keyphase for this being van insurance.

We run a google adwords campaign and spend about 25,000 per month - this
keeps them at 1st place - search for van insurance to see the result (please
don't click it's over 5 per click!!)

The website ( has been running for over 2 years and
we've spent many hours optimising, purchasing links, building up internal
pages etc etc to try to get the site listed in the google left hand results

If you search for van insurance you won't find the website listed in the top


If you search as an example:
insurance -sdfsdfg -ddsf -dsfsdf -dqdfqsdf -dqfsdfqsd -qsdfqsd -sdfsdqfqsdf
-sqdfqsdfqs -qsdfqsdf -sdfsqdfqsdf -sqfqsdfqsd -sdfqsdfsq -sdfgsdfsdf -qsdfq

then you'll see the cvd site listed quite highly.

We have tested this with another of the groups legal department for the search term:
personal injury claim. We also have/had an adwords capmpaign running for
this in No.1 position.

Same problem - same results.

We also have another site of our own where we
generate insurance leads and sell then to CVD. Same search term - van
insurance - this one does list in the top twenty. We also have a small
Adword campaign (less 60p per click) running for this.

Google are filtering results for high spend search terms to protect their
adword income stream.

Whilst we accept that it's their search engine to do as they wish with we
think that the 'global google appeal' may be discredited if this claim were
in fact substantiated. There may be a legal class action here.

If anyone else would like to comment on this then please respond here or
contact me by email directly:
vgr at vhsholdings dot com

Many thanks to all who have help us to get this far - we've had some serious
help from colleagues in California!!


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