Google Employs Unilateral Consumption to Hoard Venture Capital

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this theory also applies to the other big 3 of contemporary computing
microsoft and sap the factor of contention being that a behemoth of
venture capital industrialy allocated by a unilateral consumption is
the narrow path to a profitable p/e ration.  this is inherently untrue
in the most common sense of the tech markets the main cause for concern
being the relatively easily deployable structure of free market
enterprise in the internet at large to have to cede and deference of
political or financial worth to amalgamization of policy centrally in a
few monopoly market players.  in fact, the opposite is true because
market players at large have an equal front-end access to the user
community which thrives on innovation and internal integrity through
reroutable subject paths resulting in a common misconception of
traditional market tendencies toward a commoditized consumption model.
the building blocks for these three center-stage players are commonly
found at-large for free use.  use of such ideologically scattered
structures denies the endowment of the central rosetta stone for it use
embodied in these three companies.  for example, my ph.d. proposal
currently underway involves the uses of p2p computing networks on
trusted connections that do not rely on more than the simple current
personal computing model as it's unit of direct placement.  this
approach is the opposite of the google unilateral model of consumption
which stocks the sec buck in a popularity contest of mass media and
hollywood movie companies.  the mirage of unilateral consumption is
taken for granted because of simplicity of use and widespread notoriety
while stifling newer upcoming paradigms.  read more about my ph.d.
proposal in progress and use of publication distribution at

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