Google does not index all my webpages

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I had been using Google as a fast way to locate one of my 900 plus
webpages, most of which are book reviews. I'd simply put a unique word
from the book or its review and do a Current Site search making sure I
was on my website. Lately I've been drawing blank stares from Google
--- it will give me only pages on my site which contains links to the
requested review (even if I use the full title as search string). So I
switched to Yahoo Search and it gives me the requested page every time.
On a hunch I did a Site Search on Google and found only 142 or pages,
but in Yahoo I get 940 or so. Sure enough, the Current Site search only
works on Google for those 142 pages.

I'm at a lost to understand what's happening and all I get is bafflegab
back from Google. Can anyone help me sort this out. I'm new to this
Newsgroup, so please no Acronym Soup.

Thanks in advance,

Jeauxy at

Re: Google does not index all my webpages

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Are those pages closely related and have some of the same content? Do they
have different titles and such? Google will sometimes not index pages of a
site if some are very similar.

HTH(Hope This Helps)

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Re: Google does not index all my webpages

__/ [ Stacey ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 23:51 \__

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(OT) I thought it also stands for "Happy To Help"... no?

Best wishes,


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Re: Google does not index all my webpages

On Sun, 02 Apr 2006 00:57:33 +0200, Roy Schestowitz  

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Hit Then Hide ;)


Re: Google does not index all my webpages

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Hope That Helps also, and hit the headlines, or you could be talking about
HTH chlorine for pools.:-) Of course there is also How the Hell, and Hotter
than Hell. Or you can pick you own here.


Re: Google does not index all my webpages

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"Hope This Helps" or "Hope That Helps" or "Happy To Help"

more here :

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Re: Google does not index all my webpages

__/ [ Jeauxy ] on Saturday 01 April 2006 23:36 \__

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Hi Jeauxy

You may be missing some necessary incoming, which encourage crawling of your
site. Have you yet considered ? If not, it's probably
worth exploring.

Hope it helps,


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Re: Google does not index all my webpages


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I thought the site was well built, maybe a little too well built.

Then I found from the "fibromyalgia" link in the paragraph "Comfort is just
a Trace Away!". It led me to dicksguides2 com/FibrositisFibromyalgia.html
which turned out to be a link farm with tons of fibromyalgia information
embedded. That page crashed my computer. I blamed the crash on the hundreds
of animations trying to work simultaneously. As it was rebooting, something
was trying to insert itself in registry. Now I think it's just a plain
old-fashioned shitty web page.

If that's yours Jeauxy, then it isn't very cool. If that's someone else's
page, then I would suggest you find better link partners.

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Re: Google does not index all my webpages

Thanks, Fred!  I really appreciate this effort on your part to look at
my site. I removed the offending link immediately.

That link didn't have any problems when I hooked it up solely for
information purposes, probably a couple of years ago. This reminds me I
need to check all my off-site links for any bad habits they may have
picked up over the years.

I used one "link farm" LinksToYou, I think it was, but trashed it years
ago when Google reduced my PageRank from 6 to 5 where it is now. I
avoid all those techniques now for artificial page rank enhancement. I
used to submit every new page using WebPosition Gold, but stopped that
a year or so ago mostly because of the trouble and expense of upgrades.

But I know that of my 900+ webpages I have at one time or another
submitted to Google over 900 of them personally, and why they should
suddenly know about only 146 of them is beyond me.

These are mostly reviews of unique books, original writings on my part,
and the only thing similar about them is the review author's name, me.

And thanks for the tutorial on HTH --- I thought it was a swimming pool
additive. :-)

HTH [Heart To Heart],


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