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I'm looking for an hybrid alternative to Google Desktop Search (GDS), the
software, and Google Personalized Search (GPS), the new online service. The
tool, a desktop software or an online service, I'm looking for should allow
users to manage search results efficiently from common search engines like
Google, of course, but also Yahoo!, MSN... Here are the features I need :

* "Remove result" GPS feature, see the "Opinon on new Remove this link
feature" [1] topic. First time I heard of a personalized search service was
in the french "Yahoo! attaque le marché de la recherche personnalisée" [2]
topic. A few months later I found a nice "Remove result" link on each Google
page results. It's very useful to filter spammers and other price
comparisons websites.

* Save nth-first search results to allow users to sort them as often as they
want. Indeed from one day to an other, results for a same search can change
so it make the "sorting" process not efficient. You have to go over the same
results... The idea would be to allow users to sort the results each monday
for example, using the same results set as the past weeks.

* Memorize searched keywords, a bit like the "Search History" from GPS.

* Statistics : number of pertinent results, spammers...

* Collaborate features like voting, noting...

First time I asked for such a tool was in the french "Outils pour traiter
efficacement les résultats de recherches" [3] topic but I never got any
replies... Otherwise I thought of developing my own solution using some
simple PHP scripts and fetching results using the Google Web APIs. But as I
don't have much time to develop it, I could better use an "All-In-One"


Notes :
* [1]
* [2]
* [3]

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