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Google Desktop 2 has been announced /

As you can see, mail, news, RSS and schedules are all on your desktop now.
Google continue to move towards the desktop. Unfortunately, only Windows is
catered for, which disappoints me as they made promises (what happened to
the mantra?) and they are a hardcore *NIX corporation.

Will a Google browser be ready by 2007? They have ties with the Mozilla
Foundation... either way, this surprise application will probably shape the
future of computing -- the future of a giant company at the least.


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Re: Google Instant Messenger

_____/ On Monday 22 August 2005 17:12, [Roy Schestowitz] wrote : \_____

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As a follow-up, Google are rumoured to have an instant messenger client that
might be announced tomorrow.

Prepare for (now points to "page not found"), which is
intended to challenge Microsoft on their own turf (Windows). As I said, the
idea of a Google browser is not far-fetched.


Re: Google Instant Messenger

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Great.  Just Great.

That's all we need, ANOTHER form of Google Spyware.

What I want to know, is there a 'Google killer'?  something that will remove any
and all traces of anything 'google' from a computer... short of a format.


Re: Google Software

___/ On Wednesday 24 August 2005 06:46, [[Anon] Anon User] wrote : \___

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Removing your Google cookie, setting your browser/s to reject cookies from
their domains and never installing Google software. I like Google so I
would never do it, but there you go...


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