Google DC Update - Dmoz and Yahoo Slanted?

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There has been a slight update, not a major one, so I don't know if it
would qualify as an algo change? However it could be a pre-shock to a
major algo change? My feeling was that Google would do a major algo
change sometime in June and hopefully PR update as well but who knows.
However what I have noticed with Google the past couple of months and
even more so after this latest update is lots of Dmoz directory sites
and also lots of Yahoo category directory sites being listed very high
up then ever before. Has anybody else noticed that in their serp(s) or
is this something only happening in my serp? I hate when they give a
boost to dmoz listings and yahoo category listings because both are
almost impossible to get sites listed at. I don't even think yahoo
accepts new category directory listings anymore so it's only the old
sites that were there from before and Dmoz unless you're an editor or
are a friend on an editor or just plain very lucky you can forget ever
getting your sites listed with them. So I think it's really unfair of
Google to give dmoz and yahoo sites that google boost edge they seem to
me to be doing now and for the past 2 or 3 months. It should be a level
playing field with equal opporatunity for everyone. It shouldn't be who
you know but what you know that helps you in the google rankings. That's
how I see it.

Re: Google DC Update - Dmoz and Yahoo Slanted?

__/ [ Jay ] on Thursday 08 June 2006 16:13 \__

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In the context of Google, I would not describe it as slight. It has been
really rough on many sites, without any justification. There was even an
error involves, which Google admitted it had suffered from for months.

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I notice that you make no use of paragraphs, so I'll slice your post as I go
along. Based on what will you think this? PageRank update: yes. But a
summertime change? I have not heard about this. Maybe I have, actually. Not

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I haven't noticed this. Have you experimented? If so, what evidence do you
have? If this is true, it might be worth chasing the editors and moderators,
who are probably sipping rum somewhere in Jamaica rather than do their
volunteer duties (DMOZ->Google Directory, not Yahoo Directory).

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Search engines are businesses. Like any other business with investors, they
are motivated by own interests. Even the mantra was compromised recently, as
Google stated in reference to censorship in China. Google put more mature
sites in a position of advantage, which suggests they may be hypocrites.
Google did not emerge as a winner overnight...

Best wishes,


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Re: Google DC Update - Dmoz and Yahoo Slanted?

Jay schreef:

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 an update? LOL!

They have big problems with keeping indexed pages in their index. I
wouldn't call that an update.

I see supplemental results showing up more and more. The same story as
x times before this year.

Re: Google DC Update - Dmoz and Yahoo Slanted?

FelixDEhuiskater wrote:
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I am seeing some pretty major changes in the SERPs.

Last year I was being slammed by competition on Google by sites that
used tactics such as duplicate sites and link farming. This year I have
seen quite a few of these competitors gone from Google.

I have always stressed quality page content, easy navigation and
basically built my site with the viewer in mind and Google is rewarding
those efforts this year. I am also seeing less spam sites on Google
lately. Maybe they have corrected something.

One thing for sure is that "Google giveth, Google taketh away".


Re: Google DC Update - Dmoz and Yahoo Slanted?

On 9 Jun 2006 03:45:19 -0700, "FelixDEhuiskater"

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I would estimate a good 65% or so of my traffic comes into pages which
I would consider supplemental on my site. That accounts for the
majority of my traffic. But the pages in question are spot on topic
for what has been searched for.

This also ties up with the figure of between 60 and 70% of my traffic
coming from search terms outside of the top 20. i.e. the top 20 search
terms for my site, only account for small portion of the overall
traffic coming into my site from search engines.

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