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Hi Guys,
I have visited some sites with google dance tools.
Does it still make sense ?
I have noticed that in the 2 last weeks I went from pos 2 to 18.
On the google dance tool I am still (again) on pos 2. What does it mean in
your eyes ?


Re: google dance tool...

Charly wrote:

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Dancing with Google ;-) only makes sense if you are for some reason
watching it closely for up to the hour SERPs. In the long run though it
does not matter: the new SERPs are going to spread across the datacenters,
and you will know what your actual stable SERP is, which will define your
traffic. The extra traffic or the lack thereof DURING the dance is
negligible and does not justify the time spent watching it. I mean, it's
pretty amusing watching it taking turns to high or low, but there are much
more useful activities you can engage in. Like dancing with your
significant other instead ;-)

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