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The google dance. It's a love/hate relationship. I also have enjoyed top
five placement in goggle for the last couple of years for the search term
'camp kitchen' (got to love it) only to find currently I'm not even listed
( Got  to  hate it!).

While I know that I am the most relevant website on the internet when it
comes to grub boxes, chuck boxes and camp kitchens, I also sympathize with
the challenge of any search engine to present relevant search results. There
are a whole lot of people who would cheat to acquire what amounts to an
irrelevant placement advantage for purposes of more hits. This then
necessitates a bunch of PHD's to try to figure out ways to filter out these
bad guys but unfortunately end up "throwing out the baby with the bath
water", at times.

I think the search engines need to take grandma's advice. She says things
are always in the last place you look. (Dah) This would suggest that the
last page requested for a given search session would be the most relevant of
the pages viewed as people would have found what they are looking for, else
they keep looking.

I would also think that sites that get bookmarked are also pretty relevant.

Ah....... they probably don't have access to any of that information.

Anyway for the moment I'm going to sit this dance out for a while and hope
those PHD's can see ' the adjustment is turned up too high' so to speak.
Interestingly, as suggested in previous posts I checked the listing for the
plural form and am still listed first. So I guess things aren't a total

Still losing placement on ones most productive keyword right before
Christmas.....well I guess the bright side is I won't have so many of those
pesky customers to deal with so I can spend more time making things
relevant...or wait a minute.....maybe that's less relevant....or was it

I never was any good at dancing :-)
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'so many little time'

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