Google cost per click error

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Hello - I have a serious billing problem:

My Google campaign called "jeep" has a keyword phrase called "jeep liberty".

The average cost per click is 76 cents which is much too high considering
that the true cost per click should be under 20 cents.

The phrase is not worth 76 cents per click and in fact the keyword phrase
"jeep liberty" appears jut as often since I set the maximum cost per click
to 20 cents.

This proves that the average cost per click of 76 cents generated by Google'
s modus operandi is excessive and does not reflect market forces, since my
banner is still visible and top of the list when I manually set the maximum
cost per click to 20 cents.

I therefore dispute the bill of $788.30 for this keyword and will not be
paying it via the account credit card and will ask for a charge-back if you
attempt to process the payment.

I am not prepared to rely upon your automated average cost per click
calculation because it clearly does not work to set the 'cost per click only
one cent higher than the next lowest' as you claim.

By relying on your automated system to set the appropriate cost per click, I
have incurred a bill much higher than what it should be compared to the bill
incurred by manually setting the maximum cost per click to 20 cents.

I daresay that with some experimentation, I may be able to set the maximum
cost per click to below 10 cents and still obtain the same click-through

I await your reply and confirmation that you will readjust the billing total
for the key phrase "jeep liberty" and I will meanwhile alert the internet
community to this problem.

John Riley


Re: Google cost per click error


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Re: Google cost per click error

You know what , I smelled something fishy going on there myself. I have 2
phrases I use that when searched for on google, no ads came up.

So off I go, create my adwords for those 2 phrases amongst others and set my
may click for 20 cents. ( to cover the other phrases as well.

Low and behold, Google has been charging my .15 cents for every click on
those 2 phrases when in fact I have never seen another ad on a search page
with them ! Never. How can I be paying .15 when I'm the only ad for those 2
phrases ??

Guess everyone better set there max. click a little lower or at least
monitor it.


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click, I

Re: Google cost per click error

I've now reduced the maximum cost per click to 5 cents and the banner for
"jeep liberty" is still showing - which proves that the automated function
which previously set the cost per click at 76 cents does not work.

So my advice would be to set a low maximum cost per click and not let google
set it for you.


Yours faithfully,

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Google's reply to cost per click scam

Hello John,

Thank you for your email. I understand you have concerns regarding the CPC
you were charged for the keyword 'jeep liberty.' I have looked into
your account and confirmed that you were not charged incorrectly.

According to our records, your average CPC on Jan. 14,th was $0.14 for
this 'jeep liberty.' When you see $0.76 for average CPC, you are
likely viewing a date range that includes Jan. 13th or other dates when
your max CPC was set to a higher amount of $1.57. Therefore, our automatic
discounter charged you less than your max CPC, which was $0.20 for this
Jan 14th.

Please note that our Keyword Traffic Estimator is a tool to estimate what
CPC will show your ad in the top position. With a lower CPC, it is true
that you may appear often but due to a lower positioning, may not receive
as many clicks. As AdWords is a self-managed program, you have the ability
to set your costs to what you are comfortable with. This includes
adjustments to your daily budget as well.

As you are making frequent changes to your max CPC, I suggest you monitor
your account in the next several days and determine what costs and
advertising exposure you are comfortable with. If you have any other
questions, please reply to this email and I will be happy to clarify

Please feel free to email us at if you have
additional questions or concerns.

We look forward to providing you with the most effective advertising


Sandra P
The Google AdWords Team

16th January 2004

Hello - the average cost per click was shown as 76 cents and that equated to
the bill total.

The previous 7 days total cost $522.57 for 758 clicks which equates to 69
cents per click - this is shown in the account summary.

The total all -time figures for the jeep campaign amounts to a bill of
$855.39 for 1,255 clicks which is 69 cents per click.

If I set the maximum cost per click  to 10 cents which I have now done, my
banners are still being shown - even in the No 1 spot.

This means that your automated maximum cost per click formula cannot be
trusted and does not set my costs one cent higher than the next lowest

You encourage customers to set a high maximum cost per click and state that
you automated system will adjust it to the correct level.

This is patently untrue, as you can see from the foregoing, because my
banners are still being displayed even though I have now set my maximum cost
per click at 10 cents.

That shows that the clicks for the selected keywords should not be worth
more than 10 cents per click -perhaps even less.

You must therefore refund the difference or else I will ask for a chargeback
from my card issuer because your company is not being honest.

I will not pay for dishonestly applied charges.

If I can asssist further, please let me know.

John Aidiniantz

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