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On Feb 11, 2005  I proudly told this news group that my main page (dated Feb
10) was already in the Google cache. (

That was true then, but today (Feb 14) I have discovered that the version in
the cache was the one posted on February 9.

Not only has the February 10 page fallen out of the cache,  but a couple of
more up to date pages have either fallen out of the cache or didn't get
there in the first place.

Damn, because I had a juicy story there and I wanted it found!  I have all
the dirt on Arie Scher who is slated to be the next Israeli ambassador or
diplomat in Australia.

As I write the juicy story is still in the #1 position but it will be
shunted down a place or two later today, February 14 (or February 13
depending on your time zone)

On the other hand, I have just repeated the earlier query "nz prime
minister" hit squad    (including the quotes) in .

My website does not show up but my earlier posting here does!

Of course only about 2% of web searches are conducted via msn, but that will
probably rise.

Meantime, what seems to happen with Google is that a newer cache can be
overwritten with an older cache before finally something actually gets in to
the main index.

It can be aggravating when you want something indexed in a hurry!  So far as
potential searchers are concerned, my original story is now effectively dead
and the one about Arie Scher is falling on to the back burner.

I think we can all help our own individual causes by stressing to anybody
(not just the SEO community!) who is unfortunate enough to meet us that a
web search can be much more productive if a searcher uses some of the
boolean operators.

A website I have just found Will be worth closer investigation by members
of this news group if you don't already know about it.

And a useful hint:

I came across a technical term "sori" which was new to me.

After I had looked it up in a printed dictionary I found I could have gone
to google and simply typed

define sori

This technique also works in MSN (but, results are not so good in my humble
opinion).  I haven't tried it in other search engines.

Finally, it doesn't matter waht they say about your website just so long as
they get the URL right!

Sgt Wilson
National Socialist Movement

Re: Google Cache

Colin Wilson wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

You state that like it's a true fact.  I suspect otherwise.  Care to
elaborate on where that number comes from?

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Search engines might not be the best medium for ephemeral stories.
Perhaps a relevant portal page or an indexed page on your site that
you can add new stories to.  Either of those might give you higher
readership results and less stress.  Then readers could be encouraged
to read your archives.  Just a suggestion.


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Re: Google Cache Warning! Journalist Attempting to do Math!"

I was asked where did I get the "only2% of net searchers using MSN."

Sorry, I got that from a TV news story.   I should have remembered the

A correction from The New York Times, in its entirety--An editorial on
Monday about the new jumbo Airbus misstated the weight of the airplane. Its
takeoff weight, fully loaded with passengers, freight and fuel, is hundreds
of thousands of pounds heavier than the Boeing 747, depending on the
configurations, not 30,000 tons heavier. It's an aircraft, not an aircraft

Good thing we cleared that up. As our friend the great Steve Ross used to
say at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, stories should have those
big red government stickers on the side that say "Warning! Journalist
Attempting to do Math!"

Sourced from:

Feb 03, 2005 /

Quoted text here. Click to load it
version in
in to
far as

Re: Google Cache

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What a load of twaddle.

Default browser homepage, update msn it kindly resets it for you they're
microsoft so it's bundled with everything. Plus they're doing a big
marketing campaign at the moment on tv (in the UK). I'm sure it's not as
impressive as google's stats but it's is not 2% or even close to that

Re: Google Cache

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I'd be inclined to agree with this in principle.

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