Google Ban On Mirror URLs

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I've kind of asked this question before, but would appreciate more
clarification on it.

By mistake, I submitted a .com and a URL for my website to
Google. There is only one website, but I have a .com and a URL
pointing to it. Will Google penalise or ban my URLs/website?

Re: Google Ban On Mirror URLs

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Having two or more urls is a common practice. Usually only one of the urls will
be listed, and the duplicates are ignored. But the listed one may not be the
one you want, so you should only promote one of your urls.

Alice Woolley /
Inside the Bubble - autism information

Re: Google Ban On Mirror URLs

David wrote:
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It depends how you have your websites set up.

If the .com redirects to the, i.e. it doesn't have any pages, the
visitor (human or spider) gets sent straight to the address,
it'll be fine.

If your .com and show identical pages, keeping the address as
whatever was chosen, then there is a chance you could get penalised for
mirrored content.

So - set up a redirect if you haven't got it. You can either do this on
the server level, on the domain level (at least I can with my domain
name handler), or on the site by feeding a 301 redirect page via PHP,
ASP, ColdFusion, or whatever language you have installed, or even by
meta-refresh tag if you also put a message in plain text on the page
telling people to go to the other address.


Check the spiderability of your pages:
Paul Silver - freelance web developer
(remove 'spamhoonie' from address to reply by e-mail.)

Re: Google Ban On Mirror URLs

There's a way to get mirror sites listed in google. There are two that I
know that have top listing at my serp. What they do is just make a few
minor differences but both sites basically a mirror of each other.

Re: Google Ban On Mirror URLs

Forgot to mention if two sites are exact mirrors they don't ban either
of them they just list the one that has the highest PR. If both say pr5
on toolbar remember google doesn't show 5.1, 5.3 ect

Re: Google Ban On Mirror URLs (David) wrote in message
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I've been browsing through Webmasterworld's forums. It seems that
Google does penalise websites that have more than one URL pointing
towards the same website. I've asked my web hosting company to
remove/delete my domain. I don't know if they will or not...

In the meantime, I've directed the domain to a blank
(index.html) page within a directory on my website. This should solve
my problem in the short term, and also in the long term if my web
hosting company don't oblige with the domain cancellation.

I tried a 301 redirect, but I couldn't get access to the .htaccess
file on my website's server.


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