Google ate my cached pages!

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Here is the dumb question of the day. Can anyone help?

I set up a site last November, its been running ok for a while,
gradually moving up Google for organic searches, (I won't post the URL
as I don't want to skew any figures)

My question is hypothetical, and as such I don't expect a definitive
answer - but....

When the site had been running for a while (.ASP) it got a GPR of 2 or
3 on home page, all pages were eventually cached (even product pages),
also putting in different search phrases for products and terms gave a
good set of matching results.

Then about three weeks ago, all the cached pages 'disappeared' except
the Home page, none of the search terms that had previously worked
brought back any results.

The only way to find it is to key in the URL, which if you are looking
for them and don't know them is a tad difficult. I swear I have done
nothing underhand, no mirror sites no spamming no link farms, the .com
name is forwarded to site .

The pain is, that if I am doing something wrong I don't know what it
is, and I can't find out. Does anyone know where I can find any
guidelines? I know Google don't answer specific queries on sites (there

would be zillions) But I would like to know what I've done wrong

Thx in advance RobMcP

Re: Google ate my cached pages!

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Browse earlier threads, you are one of the crowd. You are probably OK,  
just Google is screwed up atm.


Re: Google ate my cached pages!

__/ [ ] on Thursday 01 June 2006 23:23 \__

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To elaborate on Borek's response (namely "you are one of the crowd. You are
probably OK, just Google is screwed up atm."), either there are duplicate
filters which affect sites rather selectively, or there is some major error
which Google will not admit they are experiencing (or embellish these at the

Judging by one particular organic site, which still has 2 million pages in
Google cache, there appears to be something odd going on. it's almost
sporadic, as it stands. In several original sites, many pages have been

Many of the pages that were dropped from my main site are original blog posts
and some deeper, truly original pages without off-site duplicates.

This assumption seems reasonable unless someone scraped my pages without my
awareness, which is unlikely as my name appears in most pages. There are
'ego feeds', based on search services, which I syndicate. When someone
plagiarises content, this immediately comes up with a red flag. Similar
scenario to the above in a very recent post: /

He must be a sufferer of cache depletion as well, but figures suggest

Best wishes,


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Re: Google ate my cached pages!

Borek is right, here are some of the problems that they are having.

Google is having some serious problems with their latest couple of

1) The site: operator has been broken several times.
2) Sites are losing their pages and getting them back 24 hours later
due to testing. Google stated that the problem did not exist, but in
April and May said that it was fixed.
3) Graywolf reported that Google was showing content from the wrong
domain name on a shared server. Matt Cutts said this was due to a
misconfigured, old webserver and that they are working on repairing
this bug.
4) Then there is the rumor of Google's machines being full that Google

My advice is to let it ride and DO NOT fret about or make any major
changes to your web site until this is all sorted out.

Google has been made aware of the recent problems and are working on

Michael Rock wrote:
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Re: Google ate my cached pages!

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You know posting this once maybe twice would have been OK. But anymore like
what you did is spamming the NG!

Re: Google ate my cached pages!

On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 16:31:50 +0200, "Stacey"

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Pratt, isn't he.



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