Google Anti-Trust Case

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The people who are against Google and other big successful
corporations are just a bunch of jealous lazy liberals. I am
a proud Dittohead and I fully support our corporations which
are what make America great! America is about successful big
corporations and not about lazy liberal social security
programs for the lazy poor. Let them eat cake as Marie
Antoinetter, a great lady, once said! Down with big government
that steals from the talented and successful to give to the
lazy poor and up with talented successful corporations that
made America what it is, the greatest country that ever was!
Up with Rush and Sarah, and Bill O', and Hannety, and down
with Obama and all those socialist traitores! Viva Google!
You a what makes America great! More billions to you!!!!

Re: Google Anti-Trust Case

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It's Marie Antoinette, without an r. Also there is no evidence to
support that she ever uttered this phrase, see:

Nice try for a poorly educated k00k.

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