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Where could one submit to the most search engines at no or low cost?  I have
several web pages and would love to be able to submit some of the material
to engines myself.

Don in Las Vegs
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Re: Google and others

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Usea "submit a page" feature of search engines.

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Re: Google and others

Las Vegas wrote:

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If only there was some sort of a web site where you can type in the
phrase "Submit Website to Google" and have it search the web for a
website with the answer.  Wouldn't that be great if someone invented
something like that?  Heck, they could make a billion dollars!  If only
such a website existed, you could then use it to search on the phrase
"List of search engines" and then "Submit Website to [name of search
engine]" for each one on the list. Oh well, until someone invents
something like that, good luck asking question in newsgroups.  Let me
know how that works out for you.

Guy Macon

Re: Google and others

Guy Macon wrote:
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I don't understand the problem.
Can they just do a search like "add url"?

Re: Google and others says...
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There isn't just one magic page for that.

Try a regular Google search, with phrases like, "Submit URL" and
"Submit Site" and so forth.

Also search around for directories of search engines and

Your, "no or low cost" idea actually involves lots of time.

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Re: Google and others

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To be indexed *usefully* in any search engine, you need links to your site
from other (already listed) sites.

Once you have such sites, you have no need to submit, because the SEs will
come to you (via those links).

TO help deeper pages get listed, it may be worth considering using an XML
sitemap (eg Google sitemap).

But submitting pages manually gives you zero advantage, and your time could
more usefully be spent doing virtually anything else (including watching
paint dry!).


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Re: Google and others

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I would add to that, if it's a niche business, then submitting to a
directory specific to that business can be beneficial.

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Re: Google and others

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Guy Macon answered the question. Read betwixt the lines.

Inbound links from other sites wouldn't hurt either!


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